Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms and Treatment

The adrenal glands lie on top of the kidneys and generate over 50 endocrines that are essential for life. Adrenal fatigue symptoms that accompany it are desire for foods with excess salt and fat, depression, low libido, morning tiredness, increase in fatigue, and lack of energy to do work etc. The natural supplements which can be used for the treatment of adrenal fatigue are:


It is a very essential supplement for persons who are experiencing adrenal fatigue. Pregnenolone is labeled as an endocrine but it is actually a compound from which other endocrines are produced. When you feel exhausted, then you are likely to be running short of these endocrines and may have to take the pregnenolone supplement. It can assist in driving back allegoric reactions, generate more energy and battle pain.


It is a natural herb which aid in enhancing your energy levels all through the entire day. For the most effective results, you need to utilize it in the morning prior to taking your breakfast using tea or just warm water.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in driving back any sickness or impairment as well as adrenal fatigue. Vitamin C offers a reduction in rubor together with a decrease in histamine levels for people suffering from allergy. Try to ramp up the levels of your Vitamin C from 9000 to 13000 for each day.

Asian ginseng

It is an awesome herb found in China for adrenal fatigue treatment. We have a lot of advantages of utilizing Asian panax ginseng. In China, Asian ginseng is called nin-sin. It can assist in alleviating stress and it has been identified to posses a straight effect on the adrenal glands. You do not have to combine the use of Asian ginseng with excitants.

Glycyrrhiza glabra extract or just call it licorice extract

Cortef, also referred to as the stress endocrine, is generated by the adrenal glands. By functioning similar to the hormone referred to as cortisol, licorice extract can assist in treating of adrenal fatigue.

Exercise and nutrition

Proper nutrition taken with the combination of exercises is vital for the treatment of adrenal fatigue. Consuming foods which have plenty of minerals and vitamins are a beneficial means to deal with adrenal fatigue symptoms. A B-complex vitamin and multivitamin with high potency can assist in alleviating extreme fatigue. Foods like veggies, berries, whole grains are nice foods to consume to receive the minerals and vitamins a person experiencing adrenal fatigue requires to combat this problem.

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