Best Sex Position for Women

Love making is serious business, so the earlier it is looked upon as such, the better for everyone. Poor love making is the reason a lot of relationships have gone down the drain. Most times, guys or ladies come off as being boring in bed simply because they do not really understand the best ways of making love. If you have a good understanding of useful love making positions your love life shouldn’t grow old. Some of the best sex position for women is included in this piece.

Her 68 Position

To start in this position, you will need her to sit on top of your face, it is the normal way to do it. Admittedly, there is reasonable stress gotten from this position to the man, so you might want to prop your head with a pillow. When she sits on your face, you will have the opportunity to insert your tongue deeply in her crevices and stimulate her as much as you like. As it intensifies, she would also begin to glide her hips across your face, thrusting on your tongue and moaning. Another good thing about this method is that it leaves your hands free to caress, pinch and stimulate every area of her body.

Drive through Position

In this position, the man takes his position by sitting on the floor. He should tilt himself slightly backward and maybe prop himself with his hands. The woman should then take position above his head. This allows him to use his tongue in pleasuring her partner during sex. In the drive through position, the man will have free access to suck and lick at her from various angles. Also, the woman would be able to raise and lower her hips to add more pressure to the activity or raise herself for the opposite reason, if she feels like doing it. As if this is not enough, she also has the advantage of being able to rock her hips back and forth on the man’s ministrations so she can aim for the best spot. To spice things up further, the man has the option of resting on the edge of a bed or a table, instead of leaning on his hands. This will free up his hands and give him room for manipulating the woman’s erogenous zones while she is pleasuring herself with his face.

The Arch position

To use the arch position, the woman will have to make a partial bridge of her body. This is done by resting her shoulders on the bed, and the man may then enter her while he is kneeling. The arch position is one of the simplest love making positions available today, and it is very uncomplicated. However, it provides a really heightened sense of sexual pleasure. This excitement and pleasure comes as a result of the perfect angle of penetration, as it allows for deep penetration of the vagina to the fullest.

Even though the above three love making positions are undeniably wonderful and awesome, it can even get better. If you rub some stimulating gel on the clitoris of the woman before you try out these techniques, your love making will be bound to go through the roof. The amount of stimulation and pleasure you will be bringing your partner to could be so unbelievable that she might just be yours forever. This is it. Love making shouldn’t be a chore. Spice it up, add some more variety, add passion to it, and you will find the activity worthwhile and your partner. It is always a good idea to break away from the norm.

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