Best Way to Improve Eyesight

Good eyesight is very important for the overall well being of an individual. There are people with perfect eyesight while others have one medical condition or the other. Either way, eyesight can be improved and made better.

There are different kinds of eye conditions. While some are very severe and could require surgery, others are simply cases of being either long-sighted or short-sighted. For all cases of eye conditions, it is possible to improve the quality of eyesight by imbibing some simple and easy tips that could form part of ones lifestyle. Some of the Best Ways to Improve Eyesight are:

Good Nutrition
There are certain nutrients that are vital to proper functioning of the eyes. Foods that are rich in these nutrients should be consumed regularly. For instance, omega-3 oils help to provide clear vision and fish is a good source of this nutrient. Lutein which is present in eggs is also vital for improved eyesight. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of antioxidants which is good for good eyesight. Processed foods like sugars and candies can be harmful to the eyes so they should be reduced or avoided.

Simple Eye Exercises
There are simple exercises that involve the eyes. They help the eyes to focus more properly. These exercises are so simple that they take only a few minutes daily. Some of them are:
•Rolling the eyes in circles while standing in one spot. This exercise helps to strengthen the eye muscles. This should be done about 10 times in each direction (to the left and to the right) several times during the day.
•Standing in front of a clock and holding up a thumb and gazing at the tip while inhaling and then turning to gaze at the middle of the clock while exhaling. After this, the eyes should be closed and deep breaths taken three times. This should be done as many times as possible in a day. The effect of this is that the ability to focus with the eyes will be greatly increased.

Body Exercises
Apart from exercising just the eyes, exercising the whole body is also important in improving eyesight. When the whole body is exercised, there will be better flow of blood and better supply of oxygen and food nutrients to the whole body. This efficiency also affects the eyes and improves eyesight.

Sufficient rest and sleep is also very necessary for improving eyesight. When enough rest and sleep is not gotten daily, the eyes become strained and vision will be impaired. Effort should be made to schedule daily routines in such a way that time is allowed for short naps and at least six hours of sleep should be observed each night.

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