Best Way to Lose Weight for a Wedding

Shopping for your bridal gown or wedding dress is supposed to be one of the happiest and best days of a woman’s life. When I went to buy my wedding gown, I was scourged to be trying on dresses two sizes larger than I had ever put on before and they did not fit me properly! It was then that I realized that drastic measures needed to be taken in order for me to appear the way I wanted on my wedding day. This article provides some tips to melt off fat in order to look fantastic in the wedding gown of your dreams. Below is the best way to lose weight before your wedding day.

Reduce or trim down your calorie intake. Does it sound very easy to you? Well anybody who has ever tried to slim down will bear witness that it is not that easy. Try to cut out major calorie sources that you can live without first. Do you take more than two soft drinks a day? Simply, change over to water or sugarless iced tea. You will be eliminating four hundred and twenty calories a day with that one change. You could try taking Lean Cuisine or Smart One meals that are fast and easy to prepare rather than your fast food hamburgers. Every permutation will get you closer to your goal which is losing weight.

Do away with temptation. Though, it is difficult to say, but you need get rid of temptation. I in person have no self control. If I feel like I want oreo cookie for dinner and have them in my pantry, I am going to sabotage myself. There is no bad feeling than the guiltiness of realizing you destroyed or ruined a good diet day by binding on unnecessary junk food. The solution is very simple. Do not purchase food that will not get you to your goal, and do away with it if you already have it. Do not bring failure to yourself.

Exercise regularly at your own convenient time. I do not like going to the gym. I normally stay long in my office and only want to get home after work, so I need to be able to get a good exercise at home for a short period. I have invested in several Biggest Loser videodiscs, which are extremely hard but rewarding exercises. It is astonishing how speedily you will feel results with these programs. At the initial time when I first started this program, I wanted to quit several times, but by the end of the first week I was able to finish off the entire thing. You will feel satisfied and fantastic about improvement as you get stronger every day.

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