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Eye Exercises to Improve your Weak Eyesight

Engaging in activities that require prolonged viewing with the eyes can cause an individual to experience strain in his/her eyes. A good example of this is working long hours with the computer. Too much of such an activity can impair an individual’s vision. It is extremely necessary to relax the eyes often. It is a great way to improve weak eyesight without glasses.

The human eyes contain a lot of muscles that are very tiny in nature. These muscles help the eyes to have proper focus. Engaging the eyes in strenuous activities will cause these muscles to get weak and this will result in deteriorating vision. Another factor that causes this is age. As a person gets older, the muscles of the eyes begin to get weak and vision gets impaired.

Relaxing the eyes is an effective eye exercise that everyone who values good and improved vision should be constantly involved in. it is not a hard thing to do. One very good way to relax the eyes is to take frequent breaks to be away from the computer after two hours of continuous work on it. Take a break and walk around for a while. This is not only good for the eyes but for the entire body.

Palming is also a great eye exercise to relax the eyes. It’s so easy to do. All that is needed is to cover the eyes using the palms of the hands. There should be no light showing through the hands. This should be done from a few seconds to a few minutes. Palming has a great relaxing effect on the eyes and it will leave the eyes refreshed with improved vision.

Another good way to relax the eyes is to take them away from work and instead fix them on beautiful sceneries. It could be beautiful pictures, beautiful landscape, beautiful people, anything as long as the viewer finds the objects beautiful and pleasant. This technique does not only relax the eyes but also the mind. It is bound to leave the individual feeling refreshed with healthier eyesight.

Chilled spoons are yet another way to relax the muscles of the eyes for improved eyesight. To do this, place two table spoons in the freezer and leave them to chill for about fifteen minutes. Afterwards, take out the spoons from the freezer and place them over closed eyelids with the inside parts resting on the eyelids. Hold them over the eyes for about a minute. This can be done as many times as desired in a day.

Allowing the eyes to relax may not sound much like a serious affair but it is very helpful to the eyes and will help in the maintenance of good eyesight. The above tips should be practiced often and within a short time the results will be noticed.

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