Cheap Glow Necklaces

Coolglow is an online store that sells glow necklaces in wholesale quantity for cheap prices. They come in 22 inches sizes. It comes in varieties of colors. You will find glow necklaces that have single colors and there are also the ones that have multicolor mixtures. They are of high grade and super bright. It measures 22 inches in length whilst its diameter is 6 mm.

22 inch single color glow necklaces

The single color glow necklaces have various colors like red, orange, green, blue, white, yellow, and purple. They are also super wide necklaces. Under the super wide necklaces you will find necklaces with colors like purple, green, blue, red, combination of white, red, blue and flower lei. Cool glow offers discount prices for these glow necklaces. They are available for as low as $0.13, but you will get discount when you buy in wholesale amount.

22 inch multi-color glow necklaces 

The 22 inch multi-color glow necklaces sold by cool glow store are okay for holiday occasions and themed parties. Each one of the necklaces last for up to 6-8 hours when used. Its length is about 22 inches. The connector is enclosed to the package when you buy it but it is not pre-attached. You will be able to activate a necklace when you snap and shake it. It is sold in wholesale amount, while each box has up to 50 necklaces and connections. You will save a lot of money when you purchase them in bulk amounts. You will find glow necklace with a combination of various colors. They are namely red-white-blue, red-purple-pink, red-green-blue, green-yellow-purple, green-blue-yellow glow necklace. There is also a multi-color glow necklace with various colors.

22 inch retail packaged glow necklace

This type of packaged glow necklace is best for persons planning to buy glow necklaces in retail quantities. They are specially made for retail customers. You can find varieties of colors like green, red, yellow, pink and blue. It is sold in convenient foil bag. They are fine for persons who want to do fundraising and persons who want to resell them. They can also serve as party favors. A package contains one connection and one necklace.

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