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It is one thing to have a sexual organ. It is another thing entirely for that organ to be in optimal working condition. It is really disappointing for a man to be regarded as infertile, or in other words, impotent which is one of the greatest disorders of all time. This disorder totally contradicts the whole essence of manhood. Why be a man when you have nothing to show for it? The good news is this is not common with all men. The bad news is that some men are unfortunately caught up in this mess and can’t shout out. Why? Well, their reputation as being a ‘masculine’ will be at stake. The question here is, ‘are you one of them?’ it’s not a bad thing, it just a problem and for every problem, there is always a solution.

The term ‘Impotency’ is used when a man’s sperm count or sperm quality is really low. Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have sex. You do, but only that you don’t enjoy it, and neither does your partner. Impotency is usually caused by too much sex, unhealthy living or necessary nutrient deficiencies. This disorder is not hereditary and so can be dealt with. How? Through the use of semen enhancers which are readily available in the market. Not all enhancers give positive results and some even come with side effects. The only remedy for this is to use quality semen enhancers like Semenax.

Semenax is a semen enhancer that not only increases the volume of your semen but the quality and fertility. In every sexual activity, ejaculation is necessary and with Semenax, you get to enjoy it in the process.  The process of ejaculation is quite simple. A tissue in the penis called the corpora cavernosa is a tubular structure which absorbs blood flowing towards the penis whenever you get excited. This blood flows as a result of a sexual hormone secreted by the brain. The higher the volume of blood, the harder and more erect your penis becomes.

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Ejaculation only occurs when you reach a state of orgasm. The good news is that orgasm can still occur even without an erection. The only thing is that you don’t get to enjoy it. You only get to the state of orgasm when you are at your peak of sexual excitement. During sex, the genital and pelvic muscles contract and semen is transferred and stored in the urethra base. Ejaculation then becomes inevitable and the semen gushes out. Ejaculation only lasts longer when you have a lot of semen to push out. This is where Semenax comes in, to help increase that ejaculation period so that you get to enjoy that part of sex better and longer.

What makes Semenax so good?
The secret behind its effectiveness is the natural herbal ingredients it contains. These ingredients increase the volume of the semen and produce no side effects. Let’s see a few of them;
•    South American Maca: This ingredient helps to reduce the possibility of impotency and helps promote sexual libido.  It also provides you with energy during and before sex.
•    Swedish flower: This ingredient washes the reproductive system of impurities and keeps it healthy. Another ingredient that does this is the Brazilian Catuaba bark.
•    L-Carnitine:  This ingredient increases the amount of motile sperm.
•    L-Lysine: This ingredient is an amino acid which is responsible for the increase in the production of sperm and testosterone level. It also improves semen quality. Another ingredient and amino acid like this is the L-Argigine HCL.

Why should you continue to feel sorry for yourself when there is an available solution like Semenax? Don’t wait any longer, get one and give your partner what she deserves.

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