Does the Magic of Making Up Work?

First of all, you may be wondering… what is “Magic of Making up”? Does it truly work as it claim to? It is an e-book that gives you tips and guides on how to make up with your ex, revive and strengthen your relationship. It has been sold worldwide and a lot of people have found it very helpful. However, some people still believe that it is overrated as its effectiveness has been widely exaggerated.

The book offers a stage by stage approach in winning back your old flame. Once you go through it, you do not have to start figuring out where to start from or which step to take first. All you need to do is study the instructions in the book and follow them one after the other, just as they are enumerated in the book. Another striking feature of the book is that the tips it gives work for both sexes. Whether you are a man trying to win back the heart of your girl friend or vice-versa, you will find the tips therein very helpful.

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It is believed that the first step to winning your ex back is to get over the emotional and psychological trauma that led to your break up and the one  you suffered as a result of the break up. The book helps to expunge the pain from your mind first. Then, it also helps you to make the first making-up move. After expunging all the misunderstandings and pain from your mind, it also helps you to give your ex a clean slate. It makes you see your ex as a new person entirely. To illustrate the importance of this step, let us consider a guy who broke up with his girlfriend over the issue of infidelity. If he does not give his girlfriend a clean slate from the bottom of his heart, he will always keep suspecting the girl consciously, unconsciously or sub-consciously after making up. He may even find himself checking the girl’s text messages behind her. It means the guy has welcomed her back with lack of trust. The danger in it lies in the fact that he may be doing it unconsciously.

The book also helps you to write a letter that can convince your ex to give you another chance. Apart from guiding you on how to write such letters, it also has an already written letter that can be re-worded or even developed. The letter is very helpful because it has some psychological blend.

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The book is also said to come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means your money will be refunded if you follow the instructions strictly and you do not win back your ex within 60 days. However, some people have faulted the claim as being unrealistic because it is almost impossible to prove that you have applied the tips properly. Apart from that, the claim is said to exclude people whose ex has started dating someone else and people whose ex has gotten married to someone else.

While it worked like magic for some people, it did not help others. Some people say it does not offer any new information as all its tips are things every mature individual already knows. To strengthen the opinion of those that believe its money-back claim is unrealistic, none of the unsatisfied buyers of the book is known to have gotten a refund.

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