Exercise to Make Penis Longer

If we check our history books with the specific objective to find out the achievements in penile enlargement, we will discover that penis exercises were the most sought after methods. This is the best way to achieve a penis size and girth that you dream of. Using exercises alone, you can boost the length of your penis by up to nine inches. It has been medically proven that penis exercises can do wonders for penis length and girth without any complications or side effects. Yes, if you wish to increase your penis size, exercising is the best road to follow.

The advantages that come with penis exercises are boundless too. You can get to have a great deal of awesome sex, and your confidence would be off the charts. You will be the pride and joy of your partner, both off the bedroom and inside of it. The possibilities are limitless – you finally get to be the man you girl has always dreamed about. Using penis exercises, your premature ejaculation problems can also become things of the past.

Here are some helpful exercises to get you on your way to getting the penis size you desire:

Wake Up Cloth Exercise

To carry out this exercise, you will need a little towel and some warm water. First, wet the towel in the warm water. Next, you should wrap your penis and your testicles in the warm towel for about a minute. Then allow for two minutes of freedom. Do this for four or five times everyday. In time, you would have gotten the penis size you desire. Note, however, that at the initial stages of this exercise, you might experience some discomfort and pain from the exercise. You will adapt as you continue.

Jelq –Lubrication

In this exercise, you will need some baby oil. Let your index finger and your thumb meet, kind of like you are making an “OK” sign. With your fingers this way, grab the base of your penis – with your left hand – and move it slowly up to the head of the penis. When your left hand gets to the head of your penis, grab the base with the right hand, in the same index finger and thumb method. This allows blood to flow to the head of your penis. Ensure that your right hand has taken over from the base before you release the left hand at the head. Do this about four or five times everyday. This technique is guaranteed to boost length and girth of your penis.

Stretching the Penis

This technique, penis stretching is one of the most popular penis exercises. Its basic principle involves stretching the penile tissues. This stretching allows for elongation of the cells of the penis, thus making it longer and a little bit thicker. The emphasis of this technique is on the length, and a little on the girth. This is probably the best exercise to make your penis longer and larger.

Flexing the PC Muscle

A lot of people haven’t even heard about the PC muscle. This muscle can be found in the area between your testicles and your anus. As a pointer to the direction of this muscle, you are bound to feel this muscle flex the brief moment before you pass out urine.

If you understand where the PC muscle is, then you should know how to do this: Tense the muscles in such a way that it raises the penis. Hold it in that position for a couple of seconds, and then relax the muscles. This should be counted as one repetition. You should perform this for about a hundred times everyday.

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