Exercises for Enlarging Penis

For better and improved sexual heath of those who want to have their penis enlarged for one reason or the other, there are different methods they can follow to achieve penis enlargement. These methods have their own advantages and difficulties as well. It is right that prospective users consider all this options before making a choice of a particular type to use. The different types of penis enlargement are Penis exercises, the use extenders, surgery, pumps, pills and hanging weights. For the purpose of this article, we will only concentrate on one of the methods: Enlargements by the use of exercises.

Penis Exercises are those actions that are commonly introduced and employed to alter the appearance of penis during erection and when the penis is in the relax state. Many men do wish that they have larger penis for different types of reasons, like to let people see that they have large penis or to have a grand and satisfactory feeling that they have big instrument or yet to make impact on women, or greater contentment, pleasure and fulfillment either for themselves or for their sexual partners and many other reasons peculiar to particular individuals and lovers. The facts that men desire, even the ancient times, to have a larger, gigantic and full sized penis for enhanced sexual act.

In primeval period, the options explored for penis enlargement are not very many but minimal. Men in the primordial period were making use of simple exercises with crude instruments not specifically meant for the purpose to achieve the desired result of penis enlargement. They sometimes also make use of hands and some  crude implements  like a piece of stone attached to the penis with a cord or they  strap the penis with their legs close to the knee but the most common method  of  penis exercise employed then was the use of hands for penis enlargement.

Universal aims of Penis Exercises:

Today there are many apparatus obtainable in the market that makes penis enlargement exercise easier and more fun. Some of the techniques for penis enlargement today don’t require the use of any apparatus just the application of some extraordinary education and applications. Nowadays, men are doing penis exercises for the reasons listed below: To Increase the length of their penis, to increase the diameter of their penis, to get a penis that is firmer and harder, for putting curves in their penis or even for building up curves in their penis and to stay in bed for a longer period. Building up curves may be astonishing to those who are new to penis exercise but it is a proven fact that one has power over the appearance of one’s penis. It is essential to note that women enjoys  and appreciates  penis curves  because it helps the penis to get attached more into the woman’s vagina  and in so doing makes it easier and simpler for the penis to rub on the walls of the vagina making the love making more pleasurable and enjoyable to both partner. For this reason, most of the men that do penis exercise are to get curves.

The most readily available penis exercise techniques are following

The use of Equipments:  These equipments are readily available in the market and are of different types and for different usage. The one that is well known is the Size Genetics system because it is comfortable to use it and the outcome of using it is really commendable. Types of penis enlargement exercise available are:

Jelqing Exercises which is commonly referred to as natural penis enlargement exercises, due to the fact that this does not require the use of any apparatus. It is done with both hands by pushing blood inside the penis with the use of one hand   from the tip of the penis while the other hand is used to hold the collected blood in place by a firm grip at the base of the penis close to the pubic region. This type of exercise is of different types. Examples are dehydrated Jelq, minute Jelq, V- Jelq, surface Jelq and so on.

Another type of exercise is the Lengthening exercises and stretching exercises: These penis enlargement exercises require the penis enlargement exercise that could be done with apparatus and those that can be done without apparatus and is of different types as well.

Next are the Girth exercises which are done to increase the diameter of the penis. Most women prefer wider and larger penis to longer penis. This has its own various methods as well. Yet another type is the Kegel Exercises: which has to do with pelvic floor exercise similar to those done by pregnant women to enhance easy child birth and lastly a less commonly used compressing method.

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