Exercises to Make your Vagina Tighter

Good sex isn’t good if your sex partner doesn’t think so. If the two organs involved are not in optimal working condition, those few minutes of making love might not be worth remembering. I don’t think any woman wants that. One of the major reasons of unsatisfied sex is because of lack of friction. This happens when the vagina is loose or the penis isn’t hard enough. If you are a lady and a loose vagina is your case, then this is the article for you. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should tighten that vagina.

1. Enjoyable sex

You don’t want to be accused of being sloppy in bed, do you? The whole idea of sex is not about the act but the feeling of being in the act. If you do not feel that you are having sex, then you aren’t even if you are on top of each other. That erotic feeling can only come if you are grabbing each other in the groin.

2. Acceptance

If all you are looking forward to is that one night stand, then your first impression is important. If you still want to hold on to that guy after that night, then you have got to make some adjustments. If you are the kind of person that can not cope with rejection, then give him every reason to accept you.

3. Pleasure

If the only reason for you to have a tighter vagina is to feel accomplished, then go ahead. Anything that gives you that elated feeling of importance is worth doing.

Okay, enough of the whys. Let’s now look at the how-to of vagina tightening.

The vagina is basically muscle and like every other muscle in the body, it can be strengthened. Tightening the vagina is simply strengthening your PC (Pelvic Cavity) muscle. When in the act of sexual intercourse and your partner happens to hit the spot, you reach orgasm which makes the PC muscle contract. When this happens, your pelvic floor moves up. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and strengthening the vagina simply targets these muscles. The best way to tighten your vagina is to carry out vagina exercises. This not only strengthens it but gives it a powerful contraction. Let’s see a few exercises you can do.

1. Yoga

I’m not surprised that this is on this list. Yoga is one of the best exercises to perform when it comes to total body coordination and all round fitness. There are yoga exercises that actually make you feel muscles you have never felt before. Your PC muscles fall in this category. A few weeks of yoga would make your partner give you a relatively high rating when it comes to sex.

2. Regular exercises

If you are the busy mum who does not have time off for mind and body coordination, there are regular exercises you can do to make those muscles tighter and stronger. To strengthen your vagina, perform exercises that target the lower part of your body. Not only should they target the lower region but also the inner parts of your thighs. Consult a training guide for the appropriate exercises so that you do not do yourself more harm than good.

There are other ways of tightening your vagina like sleeping well, using vagina tightening spray, eating well or even through surgery. Exercise is the best way to develop and strengthen muscles. If your goal is enjoyable sex, acceptance or just pleasure, doing it right must be your first option. It is not going to be an overnight accomplishment but will take weeks before you get satisfied. Don’t look at the time, look at the end result. I assure you, your partner would be grateful.

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