Eye Exercises to Improve Vision Naturally

Do you stress your eyes a lot? Nowadays, most of us look at the screen of computers for longer periods of time; at times it could be throughout the day. There is need to master the ways to exercise the eyes to enable them to be solid and lower the amounts of strains induced on them. Apply the eye exercises below to improve your vision naturally.

1. Make a sign on the wall to be on the same level with your eyes. Let the distance between the sign on the wall and your eyes to be about 6 inches. Gaze at the sign and concentrate on something which can be found on that distance. Gaze at that point within the distance for a period of 10 seconds and then gaze at the sign on the window for the same period of 10 seconds.

2. Hold a pen within the length of your arm. It should be before you. Shift the pen backwards in the direction of your nose. Let your eyes be centered on the pen for the entire period. Redo it for another 9 periods.

3. Shut your eyes for a period of 5 seconds. Now open your two eyes for a period of 5 seconds. Redo this process for seven periods.

4. Turn your eyes in a clockwise direction and nictate it. Turn your eyes in an anticlockwise direction and nictate it. Redo this process for five periods.

5. Look for a stuff which is about 150 feet away from you. Concentrate on that stuff for some seconds. Look for a stuff that is nearer to 30 feet from your position. Concentrate on the present stuff for some seconds. Watch the stuff that is more far again and concentrate on it. Gaze at those two objects for a period of five times.

6. Concentrate on a fence that is facing the place you are sitting. Act as if you are writing on the fence using your two eyes. You should not shift your head while in the process; utilize only your two eyes.

7. Act as if you are watching a big clock. Look for the center of a clock. Find the place one o’clock is meant to be. Look at the middle of the clock again. Keep on doing this till you have looked at all the hours of the clock. You should perform this while your head is still.

8. Concentrate on any stuff that is a bit far from you. It is simple to perform in very 30 minutes.

Note of warning: you should not carry out this exercise while putting on eyeglass.

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Improve Eyesight Naturally