Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size

Without doubt, the size of a man’s penis is a huge source of sexual confidence to him. Studies have shown that men who have larger than normal penises are more confident in bed and are able to satisfy their partners more easily than those with average or small penises. That is not to say that there are no women who prefer smaller or average penises, but there is no doubt that most would choose a more “endowed” man any day, unless of course love is involved. It is therefore no surprise that men who have average or small penises have turned to penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement or male enhancement in as it is often referred to as, is the process by which a man can increase the length, girth (width), and hardness of his penis. The aim of all penis enhancement procedures is to increase the size of the three cylinders of tissue (corpus cavernosa) that run parallel to the urethra or stimulate blood flow to these tissues to increase the hardness of the penis. If you are looking to enlarge your penis, you might need to consider one of these penis enlargement procedures: Pills, exercises, surgery, penis extenders and pumps. Read on to discover the fastest way to increase penis size.

The use of pills is the most common and easy procedure for penis enlargement. They stimulate the flow of blood to the penis by expanding the blood vessels. Penis enlargement pills increase the size of the penis between 2 to 6 days of initial use but their effects are often temporary, hence the need to continuously use them. There are basically two types of penis enlargement pills; pharmaceutical and herbal. Pharmaceutical pills are synthesized pharmaceutically like most drugs, while herbal pills are produced from natural herbs. Herbal pills are favored by most people because it is thought to have fewer side effects than the pharmaceutically synthesized pills. However, some Penis enlargement pills have been found to have dangerous side effects on users. Some currently popular penis enlargement pills are: Naturamax, Sinrex, VigrX Plus, ProSolution, Extenze, and Vimax. These pills can be bought online or from pharmacies worldwide.

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Exercises like jelqing, kegel, and penis stretching to mention but a few all help to increase the size of the penis. Most times though, these penis enlargement exercises are combined with pills to make them more effective. Penis enlargement exercises increase the size of the corpus cavernosa by physically applying tension to them. The body’s natural ability to adapt and respond to external stimuli makes the penile muscles stretch and the corpus carvenosa increase in length and girth. A typical penile exercise session would entail: Penis warm up – applying heat in the form of hot water, then jelqing, kegel, squeezing and/or stretching the penis. When the desired penis size has been attained, the exercises must be continued at a lower rate to maintain the attained penis size. While carrying out penis enlargement exercises, one must be very careful and observant to avoid life threatening injuries.

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Though often considered the most permanent means of penis enlargement, surgery is very uncommon as a means of penis enlargement. This could be attributed to the fact that it is very expensive and irreversible with no guaranteed results. Also, most doctors would not perform a surgery on the penis unless it is strictly for medical reasons. Some penis enlargement surgery procedures involve putting organic elements like Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) or silicon into the penis to increase the girth or partial cutting off of the ligament that joins the penis to the pelvis to increase its length.

Penis extenders or stretchers are also used for penis enlargement. They are shaped in such a way that when the extender is worn on the penis, it exerts pulling forces on the cells of the penis causing them to divide and increase, thus, directly increasing the size of the penis. This procedure works best for increasing the length of the penis. Lubrication should be used to avoid injuries that could occur due to friction between the penis and the extender. Most penis extenders come with spare parts that allow the user to adjust the size of the noose as the penis size increases or to suit men with different penis sizes. Penis extenders can be mostly ordered online.

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The use of Penis pumps is another procedure for penis enlargement. A penis pump is basically a cylinder which when attached to the penis creates a vacuum in the penis, thereby causing blood to flow into the penis to fill the vacuum created. It is the blood that flows into the penis that causes it to get harder. Use of penis pumps over a long period of time increases the size of the penis especially in girth. This is true because the pressure of the blood that flows into the penis increases the size of the corpus carvenosa. Penis pumps can be manually or battery operated. Just as in the case of exercises, one must be careful when making use of penis pumps because excessive pressure could burst the blood vessels that transport blood to the penis.

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