Good Love Making Techniques

When it comes to love making techniques, the best method to consider is the foreplay. Foreplay is important for the commencing of fire of passion and desire amongst a couple. Note that there is no hard and fast rule governing the laws of love making. There is no One size Fits All technique and you will need to know what works for your partner.

However, as a general agreement: the best way to go during foreplay is the soft and gentle technique. You also need to understand the concept of the female erogenous zones to work out the magic. Erogenous zones are the parts of the female anatomy that get easily stimulated and put the woman in the mood faster. This is due to the aggregation of nerve cells and nerve receptors.

The neck and the nipples rank highest in the list of top erogenous zones. Stimulating them can rapidly put the lady in the mode for making love. Some of the others are the upper thighs, the lower abdomen and the back. These areas, when caressed, will boost the woman’s libido and sex drive.

Let us observe some of the good love making techniques to employ for the next time love making comes up.


This can be called one of the best with regards to foreplay, as it has been known to bring women optimum pleasure during love making. The lips are erogenous zones as well.

Body Massages

This technique is another fun way to bring passion and love to the eyes of your lover. It involves running warm soft and supple fingers through the body of the woman. It is a very fast and direct way to crank up the libido of the woman.

Whatever technique you select, try to ensure that it is what your partner likes. As you will find out, the preference of the woman is something you shouldn’t take lightly if you wish to be all she hopes for in a man. There have been studies that have conclusively shown mutual communication and understanding to be the best aphrodisiac in a relationship.

Sometimes, taking a bath together with your significant other can be all she needs to be put in the mood for making love.

Manipulating the G Spot

Yes, the wonderful, yet elusive G spot. A lot has been written about finding the G spot, and there is still enough argument about whether it exists or not. The best suggestion you can ever have is to probably ask her if she has found her G spot herself. This will give you heads up.

Well, as a rule of thumb, the G spot can be found around the top of the vagina, the area closest to her stomach, if you are going from the inside, that is.  It is generally around four inches into the vaginal opening.

When you find her G spot, ensure that you carefully manipulate and play with this part of her body. Ladies have been known to reflexively hit their partners in the face with their knees, purely out of reflex due to the throes of pure sweet passion.

Please note this: not every lady has a G Spot, so if you and she can’t find it, do not be dismayed. At least you still have her other erogenous zones to tap for your own benefit.

Vagina Tightening Pills

These pills come with the benefit of being able to tighten the walls of the vaginal. One of such pills is called instant virgin. This pill will increase the sensitivity of the vagina, note that so much sex becomes painful, but enough to greatly increase the female sex drive to enjoyable limits.

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