Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue occurs at the time the body wears out from your feverish style of life. We have a lot of things that result to adrenal fatigue. They are namely: lack of proper nutrition, stress and chemical perniciousness. The signs you will see to show that you have adrenal exhaustion are namely heightened allergies, reduced libido, tiredness, early morning weakness and heightened desires for foods which have high content of salt and fat. We have some herbal remedies which can be used to fix the problem of adrenal fatigue. They are namely:

Asian ginseng

This type of herb is known for lowering stress and it has one on one effect on the glands of your adrenal. You should not combine its use with excitants.


The adrenal glands generate endocrines which are crucial for life and among these types of hormones is cortisol. The extract gotten from licorice can imitate cortisol, which is usually referred to as the stress hormone.


It is another good herb which can assist in enhancing of your energy. When you want to make use of this herb, it is very important to use it in the morning together with water that is warm or hot tea.


It is a nice herb which is used to boost energy, your entire mental state, physical well-being, and staying power. This herb can as well aid in lowering stress, boosting memory and cognitive function that are diminished when handling the problem of adrenal exhaustion.

Milk thistle

It is important for the purpose of liver function improvement. At the time your liver isn’t functioning the proper way, it will make it hard for it to eliminate toxins that result to adrenal exhaustion and the rest of other sickness.

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