Home Remedies for Erection Problems

Erection problems can mean two things. It can mean the lack of ability to gain an erection or merely the inability to keep an already generated erection. The adverse effects from drugs, illness or trauma can result to erection problems. You can find a lot of means to tackle this problem, among one of the natural home remedy for erection problems is the use of yoga. Below is how you can use yoga techniques to fix erection problems.

1. Start with Pranayam or breathing exercises. Pranayam is referred to as intentional breathing. You need to inhale without breaks, halt for some seconds, and exhale and halt for some seconds. Perform a period of 6 to 9 minutes of this form of breathing to slow down and calm your body. It should be done two times each day. The concentration and easiness slows down the brain and assists sexual fullness.

2. Start to meditate by concentrating your mind on each inhalation and each pause of your breath. Concentrate your mind as your breathe out and pause. Take away any worries and inner gibber from your mind. Art of meditation which lasts for 10 minutes, 2 times each day, can aid to calm your mind and develop it to concentrate on imminent issues. Sex is a mental process.

3. You should do cobra posture for a minute. Lie on your belly and place your
head under your palms. Shift your arms and hands to make your hands to be at the side of your chest, level on the mat and directing forward. Raise your upper body using your hands, whilst curving your back extend your arms straight, retain and lower your body back down. Enhanced circulation and ameliorated breathing patterns revive your body.

4. Try the anal lift. Lay on your back while your feet are on the ground with your knees bent. You may also stand, if you wish. Breathe out, halt, and as you start to breathe out, compress your anal and venereal area. Draw it in firmly, halt and let go as you breathe out. Perform this for a period of five for two times each day. Perform the same move; only concentrate the compression on the belly. Try it for up to five times. It will boost flow of blood and fortify muscles in your rectal and genital region.

5. Concentrate on the wind discharging pose. Lie straight on your back and breathe in as you bow your right stifle. Draw the stifle nearer using interlaced fingers so the second joint touches your pectus. Breathe out and halt, then gradually breathe out and raise the back contacting the head to the brow as you breathe out. Hold your breath and start breathing in as you bring back your head to the ground. Allow your stifle to reach the ground and remain flat. Start the same procedure using your left leg. Perform this activity for five times.

6. Try the sun salute. While you are breathing in lift the arms flat in the air with palms opposite each other. Breathe out as you crouch over to come in contact with your feet. Come down on your knees and place the right root to a certain rear with the thenar of the hands straight on the ground. Shift the left foot off so you can appear in a press-up state. Bring down the knees and shift to cobra state, breathing out. Place the feet and hands straight on the ground, bring up your butt and stand straight.

7. Switch the above process with a plough pose, shoulder stand, thunderbolt attitude and horse gesture. Perform it two times each day. Each of these activities will cool your mind down and calm your spirit. Each of these yoga workouts enhances blood flow, concentration, relaxation and fortify the genital region.

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