Home Remedies for Female Infertility

Fungal infections are among the major causes of infertility in women. Fungal infections are infections caused by different types of harmful fungus that pollute the outermost layer of our skin, hair and nails. When a fungus attacks the skin, the outcome of it is to give the individual an infection which is known as ringworm in children. Ringworm is of different varieties like body ringworm and beard ringworm. These may result to more serious bacterial infections and diseases in adults and those who have poor immune system like people suffering from AIDS. Other types of fungal infections are:

Superficial infections – they are type of fungal infections that destroy the skin, for example the ringworms and the vaginitis.

Systemic infections results when a fungus has gained access into your blood and tissue fluid to cause a more dangerous health problem. This could happen when the immune system is poor and is not functioning well. Such cases are usually very severe and damaging.

Infertility is the inability of a woman to conceive and give birth to a child and in man it could mean the inability of a man to be able to provide fertile sperm capable of uniting with the female egg to form a zygote. It could also mean in woman – the inability to get pregnant. There are several reasons through which a woman is infertile. Most of these could be avoided and prevented if the woman goes for a constant health check in the hospital.

Women who are sexually productive and fertile pass through a normal fertility phase during their menstrual cycle especially at ovulation and shortly after ovulation. The rest of their menstrual cycle apart from that ovulation stage is referred to as infertile stage or days.

Infertility Features in Men and Women

Infertility is caused by a lot of features. The features that cause infertility in men are different from those that cause infertility in women. Careful examination by a specialist as well as the right medication when the causes have been found could be used to treat the problem.

For the reason why some couples are infertile, in order for it to be ascertained both the man and the woman must be tested to trace the possible cause. In men the test is much simpler than in women. The man‘s semen to be tested is obtained though masturbation and the semen is checked for its viability and sperm count. The sample could show more evidences of serious problems.

In females, the testing is more complicated and physically examining the woman’s reproductive system can reveal why a woman’s system is unable to convey the sperm up to the fallopian tube where there is the possibility of fertilizing an egg for conception to occur.

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