Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids could pose a big health risk during pregnancy. Surprisingly a lot of women are faced with this health condition during their period of pregnancy and they find it hard to get a lasting solution. Hemorrhoid is a very dangerous ailment to develop when you are pregnant with child because it can affect the health of the unborn baby as well as pose a problem during delivery.

What causes hemorrhoids in pregnancy?

Hemorrhoids may occur in pregnancy as a result of the serious strain and pressure applied on the areas surrounding the rectum and the anus either by the growing fetus or other health conditions like diarrhea. Proper treatment should be taken once this condition develops so you will not to cause harm to the pregnancy. This condition may cause a lot of women to become anxious once it is diagnosed because they may not know how to take care of the situation as they are scared not to hurt the baby.

Home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

There is no much need to panic as a result of developing piles during pregnancy. There are very effective and simple ways to get rid of them and these can be easily carried out at home:

Placing ice packs around the areas affected by the piles will get rid of them. This is amazing but so true! It is such an easy way that some people may doubt its efficacy but a trial will prove this method right. Just put some ice blocks in a napkin and gentling rub on the piles and leave to rest on them for a few minutes. This should be done for a few days and the hemorrhoids will gradually disappear. If the affected woman has difficulty in reaching her hand to the affected areas then she can seek for help probably from her spouse or a close relative.

Another effective home remedy to get rid of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is to do all that is possible to prevent diarrhea and constipation. These two conditions will cause strain to be put on the areas surrounding the rectum and the anus thereby increasing the chances of developing hemorrhoids. Pregnant women should try at all times to eat right so as not to spend too much time trying to pass stool which could encourage the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

A third home remedy to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to sit in warm water bathtubs for about five days. After about five days there is sure to be relief from the condition.

Pregnant women should take good care of themselves especially concerning what they eat so as to avoid conditions that could trigger hemorrhoids. But in the event that hemorrhoids are already present, taking the three steps above is sure to get rid of them effectively.

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