Home Remedies to Increase Breast Size

Many youthful women have poor self image because they are often laughed at for their tiny or shapeless breast. This is also owing to the fact that most men would like to go out with women whose breast are large and rigid. If you are one of those women who have this problem and is looking for a solution, all hope is not lost. You can increase the size of your breast, boost your self confidence and also have a good and healthy self image. Some women aren’t bothered about the size of their breast but are happy with what nature has endowed them with. The home remedies to increase breast size are as follow:

Below are some ways you can follow to achieve a larger breast size

One way to enhance the size of your breast is by doing physical exercise that helps to lift up your breast and make them more rigid. Examples of such exercises are push-ups; dumb-bell push and dumb-bell take off. These exercises will increase the size of your breast and make them more rigid by gathering together the pectoral muscles in your chest thus adding to the size of your breast and also making it more rigid.

The use of Estrogen creams
If a woman doesn’t manufacture enough female sex hormone estrogen and as such she has small sized breast, estrogen cream can help her cure the malady and get her breast size enlarged. This method will not work for women whose estrogen production is normal. They are advised to try other options.

Disguised Breasts
You could also make your breasts appear bigger by wearing fully padded braziers or you can insert into your brazier a silicon material which will make your breast appear bigger to the onlookers and fit very well into your bra. Of course when you are out and about in your disguised breasts, all the people who see you will know that your breast looks great, they wouldn’t see the inside of your bra to know what is inside.

Boost your weight
If you have small body weight boosting your weight is another natural way to get your breast size increased. The fatty constituent of a woman’s breast is as much as 85% of its total weight. So an increase in your total body weight would directly lead to an increase in the size of your breast.

Try Breast enlargement pills. They are also great!
Breast enlargement pills are among the well known methods of increasing the size of a woman’s breast. These breast enlargement pills have components that trigger off and shoot breast growth. Some of these pills have side effects though. It is therefore advisable that you are careful in selecting the type of pills you use. Almost all breast enlargement pills are made from herbs; do ensure that your body tolerates the component herbs before you take them.

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