How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation Naturally

This ejaculation problem is quite common with lots of guys. Just as the name implies, it refers to ejaculation at the wrong time. This is usually a short time after insertion into the vagina.

A lot of people believe that premature ejaculation is not real or is not an issue. In actual fact, it is. Although, the appropriate time for ejaculation is not known, releasing a short time after penetration will give you and your partner little or no sexual satisfaction. If your goal is to make your partner satisfied in bed and to keep your ejaculations for a longer period of time, then I guess you better read on.

How can you increase your ejaculation periods? Let us look at up to three ways which you can use to avoid premature ejaculation naturally.

1.    Slow down your excitement
With this technique, you can increase the time before you ejaculate during sex. It will involve you, your orgasm and your partner. Carrying it out is quite simple. During sexual intercourse, the time will come when your orgasm is at its peak and you are about to ejaculate. When this happens, stop all the excitement going on between you and your partner. This is not as rude as it sounds. It will simply involve you removing your penis from your partner’s vagina and stop its movement. This is only for a while since orgasm usually disappears after a few seconds. When this stimulation is stopped, you are free to continue.

Your partner will have to cooperate with you on this one. You have to make her understand the reason why you are doing this. Help her understand that it is just to make the sex life for both of you much better. The only way this technique can work for you is by not being selfish about it. It is a good way to avoid premature ejaculation naturally.

2.    Make sex interesting
Sex is not just about the penis and the vagina. If your sex life involves just these two, then you are bound to have premature ejaculations. During sex, involve your whole body and not just your sexual organs. This could involve giving each other a massage or oral sex. You’ll get more out of sex by doing this. You can switch between penetrations and whole body involvement to increase the time between ejaculations. Finish up your sexual activity with a nice ejaculation at the right time.

3.    Perform Kegel Exercises
Exercising your PC muscles is another way to prevent premature ejaculations. These exercises are called Kegel exercises. Women who do pelvic exercises get tighter and stronger vaginas. For men, this will reduce premature ejaculations to a minimal level. These muscles are actually responsible for urination and ejaculation. By gaining control of these muscles, you gain complete control over the ejaculation process. Being that these muscles force the sperm from the testis, the ejaculation can be delayed under your command. All you have to do is take control.

How do you perform this exercise? All you need to do is flex these muscles. The way you control them when you try to hold back urine is the same way you perform this exercise. Only this time, you are just exercising and not holding back urine. Contract these muscles for three to five seconds with three seconds between muscle contraction and relaxation. This exercise is pretty easy and can be done everyday and at practically anytime. The longer you hold your PC muscles, the more control you have over them.

Do not expect overnight magic with the above techniques. Each one of them requires practice. The more you repeat the techniques, the more pleasurable and interesting your sex life will become. Practice it more often and you will boost your self confidence.

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