How to Bring Women to Orgasm

A lot of men have confided that bringing a woman to orgasm is the hardest thing they can ever think of doing. It is so bad that there are indeed some men on earth who have never brought their women to a climax. Funnily enough, bringing a woman to a startling climax or orgasm isn’t difficult at all. It is definitely not as hard as it is painted. In fact, if you understand just the right things to do to her during sex, you might just bring her to a stunning finish in less than ten minutes.

Here are the secrets of bringing a woman to climax all over and over again:

Sustain the foreplay a little longer: even if most girls would not just come right out and admit this to you, this is their secret desire. Girls get put off by men who are just so eager to stick their dicks in them.  This being said, the best thing to do is to put her in the right mood for sex. This might take a couple of minutes, the results of which will result in sexual crescendo if you do it right. Work around her erogenous zones. Plant light and soft kisses around these body parts. A woman’s erogenous zone is usually concentrated around her inner thighs, her spine, her breasts, neck, armpit and spine. This is called foreplay. Good foreplay gets your woman in the mood for receiving your penile organ. Most women would be ready for lovemaking after a few minutes of foreplay, making it more rewarding for you.

Master the art of Cullilingus: There is unbeatable statistics to show that cunnilingus is the way to bring a woman to orgasm. It has been shown that women who receive cunnilingus tend to have more and regular orgasms as compared to women who just get penetrated. A great percentage of American women say that their favorite part in the sexual activity is the cunnilingus. In case you wonder what cunnilingus is, it is simply put as oral sex. This is the best and easiest way to bring a woman to the heights of sexual pleasure, and ultimately to orgasm. Thus, if you wish to make sure your partner gets the orgasm you work for, then you must understand the skills required from a master of cunnilingus.

Cunnilingus is way more than just using your tongue to massage the woman’s clitoris. If you do not perform the cunnilingus well, you might just bring about the opposite effect – bring her sex drive so low, you won’t be able to do anything else with her that night.

First, you need to know exactly where the woman’s clitoris is situated. The clitoris is a small circular or oval shaped orgasm found at the top of the vaginal organ. It will be found where the lips of the vagina meet. It is usually covered by a lush forest of vaginal hair if the woman isn’t the type that shave.

Suing the tongue on the vagina is a very delicate business. First of all, note that you must not apply too much pressure, and you must also not apply too little pressure. If you apply too much pressure, it will result to too much sensitivity and pain, ultimately ruining the sex. And too little pressure won’t stimulate her well enough to bring her to climax.

Thus, there must be a balance of pressures to cause her to orgasm. A circular movement of the tongue around the clitoris is suggested. You can either go clockwise or anti clockwise, depending on what excites her the most.

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