How to Bring your Ex Back

Breaking up with your partner is probably the hardest thing anyone has to face in any relationship. Thus, it goes without saying that there are people who are mighty interested in knowing how to get their ex back. The worst part is when they are the ones who broke up with you, especially if you didn’t want the break up.

Whatever the reasons someone gave for breaking up with you, you do not need to consider giving up on them, especially if you know you love them dearly. Of course, no one can say for certain whether the relationship can be mended or not, but there’s definitely no harm in trying to win your ex back, is there?

Here are a couple of helpful tips to get you started on the way to bring your ex girlfriend back:

Get the reason for the break up

Try to determine the reason for the break up. What exactly was it you were doing to tick them off? It may have been some habits, or your attitude towards them or their friends. You may have been taking the relationship for granted without even knowing it. You need to ponder on these things before you are ready to work on building the relationship.

Do not be the one to initiate contact

Try as much as possible to reduce communications. If you must – maybe because you guys share friends – keep it short and sweet. Do not be the first person to initiate a conversation, and if you find yourself in one with them, make it very short indeed. While you are reducing contact, do things to drive them crazy. Start emphasizing the things that made them fall in love with you in the first place. If it was your smile, smile even more frequently.

Do not come off as pathetic:

Do not show any desperation in trying to win them back. Do not be bugging them with incessant phone calls and text messages. In fact, do not even call them. If you can maintain this behavior, they will miss you even more. If you call them often, on the other hand, they will have the idea that you are too needy and desperate to have them back. Try as much as possible, also, not to be the first person to suggest a coming back together.

Get busy:

Get out a lot more, be with friends. Ensure that you do not have too much free time on your hands. Too much lonely time leaves you alone, and you are more likely to think about depressed thoughts, and are more likely to make such mistakes as calling them or saying the wrong things. Go out and hang with some friends. Who knows, they might even be able to give you nice “getting back” advice.

Stay you:

When your lover fell in love with you, there were some things they saw. Changing over time might be the reason they broke up. Try to go back to being you if you want to bring back your ex girlfriend.

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