How to Cure Infertility in Women

One of the basic treatment options to cure infertility in women is the use of fertility drugs. This treatment option can be recommended separately or in conjunction with options. What fertility drugs do is that they improve the possibilities of conception by way of encouraging the couple’s bodies to produce hormones that are required for conception to take place. For the woman, the fertility drugs will aid her body to produce healthy eggs and for the man, the drugs will aid his body to increase the production of the hormone called testosterone.

Some fertility medicine can be taken before a couple decides to get pregnant while others may be necessary when the couple finally decides to get pregnant but have not achieved success. Fertility drugs are a good and easy way to get rid of infertility.

Some fertility medicine that can help to cure infertility in women are:

Folic Acid

This is one of the commonest among fertility drugs. It can be taken by both men and women and it could be taken long before conception is achieved. 400mcg of folic acid is recommended to be taken daily. Folic acid is a natural fertility drug that can be taken either as supplements or in foods. Foods rich in folic acid include green leafy vegetables like spinach. Folic acid helps to prevent birth defects in newborn babies. In pregnancy it helps the fetus to develop properly, especially in the first few weeks of conception. Folic acid when taken by men helps in the development of healthy sperm. It also helps to eliminate low sperm count by increasing the sperm count.


One of the main causes of infertility in women is inadequate amount of a hormone known as progesterone. This hormone is supposed to develop naturally in women. It is needed for there to be normalcy in ovulation. Progesterone is very essential in the early stages of pregnancy. It is required in the maintenance of the placenta in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Using progesterone with other treatment methods will also produce very positive results while trying to achieve conception.


Selenium is a very effective fertility drug that can help to get rid of infertility. Between 55mch and 100mcg of it should be taken daily. This fertility medicine contains antioxidants that help the body to get rid of free radicals. Selenium is also very effective in getting rid of male infertility by increasing the sperm count. Selenium can be taken either as supplements or through foods like whole grains, nuts and chicken.

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