How to Cure Male Infertility

Supplements and dietary components are a great way to cure infertility. They have positive effects on the hormone levels of the body and cause the body to function properly as well as prepare it for pregnancy. There are lots of fertility supplements that can be used to achieve this however this article will focus on Zinc and Omega fatty acids.


Zinc is a mineral that is required for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs among other benefits. The body needs a recommended dosage of between 15 milligrams to 30 milligrams of Zinc daily. Zinc can help to cure infertility in both men and women. In men, Zinc has the ability to stimulate the production of the hormone called testosterone. This is necessary to increase and maintain a good level of sperm count as lack of Zinc can lead to low sperm count. In women, Zinc aids the body to efficiently make use of the estrogen hormones as well as the progesterone hormones.

Zinc can be consumed as supplements but the counsel of the physician should be sought for guidance. Zinc can be gotten from foods such as meat, whole grains and the seeds of pumpkin. Zinc should be consumed moderately and within the recommended daily dosage. It should not be over consumed as this can have unpleasant effects on the body.

Omega fatty acids

It is commonly believed that fats are not good for the body and that the only effect it can have in the body is to cause obesity. This is however not true as there are some types of fat that the body requires for it to stay healthy. An example of that are the omega fatty acids which are necessary for the maintenance of a healthy reproductive health. It is advisable that these fatty acids be consumed on a daily basis because they boost fertility and help to cure male infertility.

There are three types of omega fatty acids namely omega 3 which helps to boost and maintain normal levels of hormones in the body, omega 6 which is effective in building cell structures of the reproductive system, and omega 9 which is produced naturally by the human body.

When there is a healthy level of hormones in the body by reason of the presence of omega 3, there will be a healthy production of cervical mucus. This will also make blood to flow properly to the uterus and there will be normalcy in ovulation. Omega 3 ensures that the uterine is healthy and in good form. Omega 6 apart from helping to build cell structures in the reproductive organs also helps to reduce the risks of inflammation as well as ensuring that the reproductive organs are healthy. Omega fatty acids can be found in fish.

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