How to Enlarge Penis at Home

In recent times at various medical conferences, leading experts have spoken about penis size and enlargement. Their opinions on the various methods can be summed up as follows:-

1) Pills for increasing Penis size
2) Penis Suction device
3) Penis Enlargement surgery which is sometimes dangerous
4) Penis Enlargement Exercises

With pills, you can ensure faster penis growth and enhanced sexual stamina so that you can last longer in bed. The remarkable thing about high quality penis enlargement pills is that they not only increase penis size but they do wonders for sexual health, the power and pleasure of orgasms and virility. Below are examples of the most effective, safe, natural and discreet form of penis enlargement pills. These according to client’s interviews and clinical tests prove to be the most effective penis enlargement pill on the market.

a) Naturamax
* All natural ingredients
* Increases blood flow that will make erections harder
* Stronger orgasm
* Increased width by 2.4 inches
* Fast results
b) Sinrex Pills
* New and Natural pill
* Increased blood flow that will make erections harder
* Fast results
It is recommended that you see a consultant, like an urologist, to discuss and conclude on the type that would be most suitable to enlarge your penis size at home.

A penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis with a manual or motorized pump to create suction. The function of the pump is to draw blood into the penis. The result from the penis suction is temporary and will not last. This is because it increases the blood flow for a small amount of time then it subsides. You have to constantly use the penis suction device to see the results. The penis suction device is a dangerous device because of its requirement of constant use and can cause damage to the penis.

A number of clinic now offers operations that claim to make the penis look bigger. The expense or price of this type of surgery is a bit high and there is a risk of complications that could happen like bleeding, infection or deforming. One surgical procedure that has become popular is slicing through the ligament that supports the penis. This makes the penis to dangle more. Another type of surgery involves injecting your own fat into your penis to make it more bulky. It is recommended that you do not undergo any surgery unless you have seen a consultant urologist.

Ancient records tell us that some specific exercises were used as a means of penis enlargement thousands of years ago. However, it is only recently that serious medical studies and clinical trials proved that penis exercise can indeed enlarge penis length and girth. The specific increase in size mechanism depends on the exercise in question. As we all know, the effectiveness of an exercise is the ability of the organism to adapt to the environment. For example, when a body builder lifts weight, his or her body tries to adapt to the weights growing stronger muscles. The following are different penis exercise and their work:-

Jelqing is probably the most ancient natural penis enlargement exercise available today. It involves movements like ‘milking’ your penis. This aims to increase the amount of blood which fills the Corpora Covernosa (this part of your penis that is enlarged during erections) thus making your penis visibly longer. The important fact is that jelqing when performed regularly can permanently increase the size of the Corpora Cavernosa and thus your penis size (both the length and the girth).

*Penis Stretching
There are various types of penis stretching exercises. This exercise involves stretching the tissues of your penis. Stretching makes the cells that compose of your penis to grow, thus increasing the length and its girth.

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