How to Enlarge your Penis Naturally

Increasing the penis size might seem like a crazy thing to do, right? In actual sense, it is not. This is because not every man out there is satisfied with the length of his penis. In fact, it will astonish you to know that the size of a man’s penis sometimes determines how well he will enjoy his relationship or marriage. Having a small penis sometimes causes problems in relationships, especially in the area of sex. A small penis does not just affect men sexually but emotionally too. Their wives or relationship partners who know how small their penis is could make fun of them. In most cases, this could cause a lot of depression and inferiority for guys with this problem.

The good news is that you do not have to continue rejecting yourself because of your penis size. Whenever there is a problem, there is usually a solution. Presently, there are various ways a man’s penis can be made longer, bigger, stronger and healthier. Why cope with a small penis when you could make it the size of your dreams. Replace that inferiority with superiority and that depression with excitement. Become the man you want to be and enlarge your penis size fast. How can you do this?

The penis length of an adult ranges from 2-4 inches. Well, that is the length when it is in a relaxed form. However, when it becomes erect, it increases to about 6.5 inches. Your sexual orientation also affects the size of your penis. The penis length of straight men is a lot less than that of the homosexual and the bisexual.  Another important determinant of the size of your penis is your race. Guys who are from East Asia have smaller penises than those from the opposite side of the world. When I say opposite, I mean the Caucasians. Theirs is usually the longest. If the length of your penis falls within this range, then it is just right. If it is below, then I think you need to read on.

Now, let us look at a few techniques you can do to enlarge your penis size naturally.

1.    Power Stretch Technique
This technique will involve you, your hands and your penis. You will have to squeeze and pull your penis regularly. Let’s see how it is done.
•    Starting with a deep breadth, you stretch your penis with your hand(s). Just keep it stretched for a few seconds.
•    While still holding your penis firmly, you reduce the stretch gradually and exhale.
•    While doing this exercise, keep your penis in a relaxed state. If it happens to harden, pause for a while.
•    Do not over-stretch and press it too hard. This could affect blood circulation in your penis.
•    Remember to lubricate your hands with oil before doing this exercise.
This technique would not just enlarge the size of your penis. It will get longer in both the relaxed and erect state. That’s a double advantage.

2.    Muscle Flexing Technique

Another reliable way is to flex your PC muscle. This muscle is responsible for the flow of urine. It helps to strengthen the PC muscle, thereby making it tougher. This will definitely increase the radius of your penis. This technique is somewhat simple but uncomfortable. All you have to do is to stop urinating while in the act. This will also help you take control of the expansions and contractions of your PC muscle and also in premature ejaculations.

If the above techniques do not work for you, surgery is another option. Before deciding on surgery or injection, make sure you consult your doctor about your problem. Doing such things on your own could cause adverse effects which you would not want.

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