How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction

A common sexual dysfunction that a lot of guys experience is erectile dysfunction. This problem arises when men cannot have a firm erection for a long time, especially during sexual intercourse. This dysfunction is not determined by age, although men of an older age are more prone to have this problem.

As a male, proving that you are a man in any way possible is a natural habit. But when something goes wrong with an important member of the body, this has a direct effect on our emotions, especially the self esteem. The penis, which is the most important sexual organ in a man, has the ability to make you feel inferior or confident, depending on its state. Erectile dysfunction is one problem that can completely destroy a man’s self confidence.

Penis erection does not just occur on its own. Lots of body functions have to be at work whenever erection is about to take place. Functions like muscle contractions, blood flow, hormonal secretion, emotions and above all, the brain. Whenever the penis is about to erect, blood rushes to its relaxed muscles. The higher the blood flow, the more erect the penis will become and the longer it will stay that way. Once the stimulation subsides, the blood flows back out and the penis reduces back to its former relaxed state.

This means that erectile dysfunction occurs when all the necessary body functions are being performed. This dysfunction is not just a psychological problem but it is also physical. Body functions are not the only causes of this dysfunction. Smoking, alcohol, diabetes or even obesity all contribute to erectile dysfunction. Luckily, there are ways the problem of erection can be solved. Let’s see a few of the ways to fix erectile dysfunction.

1.    Avoid Smoking
The more you smoke, the less nitric oxide you have in your body. This oxide is responsible for relaxing the muscles of the penis. Since the penis only hardens when blood flows into its formerly relaxed state, having lots of nitric oxide will definitely aid this. Do not give this oxide a reason to leave your body because you are not going to like the results.

2.    Reduce Your Stress
Do not let your stress level skyrocket. When you are stressed out, your body concentrates on helping you reduce that stress. This means that doing anything during this stressed state will only be futile. The same goes for penis erection. You will realize that when you are stressed, your want for sex reduces. It cuts off any form of excitement and makes you concentrate only on one thing which is getting rest.

3.    Do More Exercise
This is one of the best ways to fix any physical problem. Research shows that erectile dysfunction is cured in most men through exercise or other forms of healthy physical activity. Proper exercise and a healthy diet is the best combination to combat erectile dysfunction. You will need to do exercises that help you maintain a coordinated state of mind and that helps you stay calm, relaxed and focused. They must also target the PC muscles.

4.    Get Operated On
Another option to consider is being surgically operated on. Surgical operations are also reliable and are pretty fast solutions for many problems. Erectile dysfunction is not an exception. If the reason for your lack of erection is a blocked blood vessel leading to the penis, a vascular surgery can be used to treat such. Also, you could get implants into your penis which will help you keep an erection for a much longer time.

The trick to fighting erectile dysfunction is to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. Once you can do this, your sexual life goes back to normal. With all this at your disposal, erectile dysfunction can be an old story.

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