How to Get Back Together with your Ex Girlfriend

If you are already working to get your girlfriend back, then you are very likely to have made some really big mistakes without knowing they were mistakes. These mistakes aren’t unique to you. They are the same mistakes every man is bound to make in the face of a devastating breakup.

First off, the reason a lot of people end up making these exact mistakes is that they do not know they are actually making a mistake at that time. If you keep on making these mistakes, you can be sure of one thing: the girl is never coming back. You might as well stop fooling around.

Therefore, if you want her back in your arms, you need to chill out and do the exact opposite of what your normal inclination dictates.

Read the following tips to get you started on getting back together with your ex girlfriend back:

Her love is priceless – don’t try to buy it

Yes, you heard right, so stop with the sending of perfumes, champagne, flowers and other sentimental bullshit that only work in a solid relationship. Note that these items are effective for one thing only – totally pushing your ex away and severing any little strand of a possibility of a comeback.

If you carry on in this deadly path, you will only come across as desperate and pathetic, that will be a lose-lose situation for you. Thus, exercise control, even though the rest of your body wants to run pell-mell into her arms.

Scratch begging off the menu

I have prime experience in such matters. I have begged, making ridiculous promises of being the man she deserves, how I will change, move mountains for her, treat her like a queen, ad nauseam.

This plan works only on paper. Begging your girlfriend isn’t some magic spell that instantly returns the spark of attraction for you where it has originally been lost. You see, you are supposed to be making her feel the old attraction to you, and believe me old boy, begging does nothing favorable for that idea. It will only help her get strength to further lose attraction for you. It is a good tip to get back together with your ex girlfriend.

Don’t even think about the guilt trip card

There are some guys that are quite professionals at pulling this method. They withdraw into their shells, becoming shadows of themselves, and their friends go about telling the girl “since you left Jamie, his world has just been devastated”. Yeah, this may work. It might make the girl feel bad and sorry for you. She is likely to feel guilty, I give you that. But there’s one thing I know she would not feel for you – and that is attraction.

Even though we have come really far up the evolutionary ladder, there is still that primitive tugging in all of us. For women, they need to feel secure with their man, and coming off as a needy whining thing certainly isn’t sexy. No matter who she is, every woman wants to have a strong man by her side.

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