How to Get Back with your Ex Girlfriend

Are you interested in knowing the ways in which you can use to have your ex girlfriend back in your arms? It might seem a bit like impossibility at first, but when you understand certain secrets, it becomes a cinch.

Of course, the methods that will be outlined may seem a bit complicated, but they are guaranteed to work.

The first thing to understand after a break up is: there are some things you should NOT do after the break up! You might have a couple of plans at the back of your mind, plans that you think are guaranteed to bring your ex girlfriend back, but let the truth be told: you might actually end up driving them even further away.

You will first of all need to know what exactly were the things you did to drive them away, and work out a system to cope with their temporary absence.

The five things you must NOT do when trying to make up with an ex

There is a certain disposition and temperament that comes upon all of us after a bad breakup. However, this is not always a good thing. Therefore, before you engage in some destructive countermoves, read to find out the most irritating things you are not to do:

1. Pleading or begging an ex to take you back:
When you begin to grovel and beg, you are just telling your ex that you are actually a pathetic loser who won’t amount to much without them, really. It may work on rare occasions, but if your ex actually thinks they cannot find happiness with you, begging them only helps them find the truth in their assumptions, and they withdraw from you even further.

2. Bugging their lives with incessant calls/text messages:
Of course, you miss them, their hugs, words of comfort, ad nauseum. This, however, does not give you the excuse, or even the right, to disturb their lives with your calls and text messages. This is even more applicable if the break up is fresh in the minds of you both. If you take the initiative to call them ever single minute of their lives, they will continue to ignore you and will be extremely pissed at your childishness.

3. Not facing reality:
There are people like that. Such people tend to think that if they do not accept things as they are, everything will be alright. Come to terms quickly with the fact that they left you for a reason. Do not try to sugar coat it; do not sweep things under the carpet.

4. Starvation, the sad card:
Yes, it is very tempting to do the whole Hollywood routine and stop eating and lock yourself in a room and cry. Yes, breakups are painful, but these reactions do nothing for your health, and definitely nothing for bringing your partner back.

5. “Honey, I will change!”
Doing this is an indirect way of saying, “honey, I no longer have any self respect”. In any case, they will take it to be a case of a drowning man clutching straws, and they won’t believe you.

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