How to Get Ex Back after Bad Break Up

Here are five effective steps to get you started on getting your ex back after a bad break up.

1. Why did he/she break up with you?

This requires some soul searching on your path. People just do not break up with their lovers out of the blue. There would have been pointers or signs. Ask yourself the reason for the break up. It might be certain behavioral traits you displayed, or it might not be something you did directly to him: could it be the way you treat his friends? You will need to check all these things and verify that you are willing to let go of these traits, otherwise getting back together would still be short-lived.

It may have even been that you were taking the relationship for granted. If you can capture the cause of the breakup, you would be able to figure out what to do next.

2. Do not call their phones:
Try as much as possible to reduce the contact you have with your ex. If you guys share the same kinds of friends, or maybe you work in the same field (you cannot help but come across one another) try your best to still ignore him/her as much as you can. It is not wise to be the first to start up a conversation and if they start one up, keep it short and sweet. Note this: while doing this, it is a very good idea to begin to do the things that made him/her attracted to you in the first place. Thus, if you know he/she cannot resist your smile, then smile some more. If your walk is irresistible, add some step to it. Sometimes, what drives your ex partner crazy might just be the way you carry yourself amongst peers.

3. Do not come across as being needy:
No matter what you do, do not send the signal that you want your ex back. Do not be too eager to call or text. In fact, do not call or text. If you can follow through with this, it will only make him/her crazy and miss you a lot more. If you call too often, you are giving the impression that you are desperate and cannot do without them. Furthermore, whatever you do never be the first to suggest a coming back.

4. Occupy your time:
You have friends; hang out with them. Go out, do not stay indoors and mope about your sad life. The more you have fun outings with friends, the less likely you are to be depressed or sorrowful about your lost ex. In any case, you could get a tip or two from your friends on getting your ex back.

5. Be you:
The person your ex fell in love with in the first place was you. There was something about you that made your ex fall in love with you. Over the course of the relationship, you might have undergone a lot of change, and that may be the cause of the breakup. Get back to being you, okay?

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