How to Get More Blood Flow to the Penis

Intercourse is among the most gratifying encounters a person can take pleasure in. Among the most usual conditions with sexual dysfunction is erectile dysfunction, or the lack of ability to gain or keep an erection for a man. This can affect a person irrespective of age, sexuality or state of health. Luckily for you, you can find some ways to assist in conquering this problem and assist you in enjoying sex to the fullest.

Erectile dysfunction is the lack of ability for a man’s penile organ to get strong enough to attain penetration or it can also stand for the lack of ability to reach orgasm. It occurs when the penis lacks adequate blood flow to its chambers. In a lot of instances where tension or tiredness is the inducer, a guy can increase penis blood flow through oral foreplay delivered by his lover. The sensuality of viewing and feeling one another being spoilt sexually by their lover can be an immense input for a man, and even in situation where a previous stimulate might not have functioned, oral stimulation can at times be the solution for a man who needs to keep off from the use of medical drugs or contraception methods. Oral stimulation can also be carried in tandem with other inputs, like viewing porn or engaging in reciprocal oral sex. This choice is restricted to the thoughts only.

The use of drugs

You can find a range of medical drugs in a pharmacy that assist a man to improve blood flow to his penis. From the use of cialis to viagra, these medications function on the male system to generate the adequate blood flow to gain and keep an erection for an extended period of time. It will be very fleshly for a man due to he can reach orgasm over and over again at the time of lengthy erection. This medication can be administered through the use of prescription and must be tended by a medical expertise.

Herbal remedies

You can find a lot of alternative herbal remedies that claim to make more blood flow move to the penis. A few of them have been demonstrated to be more efficacious than others. Natural herbs, like ginseng, maca, ginkgo biloba, yohimbe and other natural substances, can improve sexual drive and make erections smoother. It is not every herb or alternative mediation that can function for all persons. Once more, it is a good try to confer with your physician to determine the one that will function best for you.


Improper nutrition isn’t a leading cause of erectile dysfunction but it can be an agent that causes the condition to be worsened. The below-named supplement can be of assistance to you to boost penile blood flow. These supplements when taken in the right amount will not just help you to boost blood flow but also assist in generate long lasting and bigger erection for you.

Vitamin C boosts the flow of blood to the penile organ. Have up to 250 to 500 mg for a period of three times in each day. Vitamin B6, E and zinc mineral are highly required in the generation of hormone. You have to take 30 mg, 400 IU and 50 to 100 mgs every day at different times. Essential fatty acids are good for blood flow to the penile area. Supplements that are mainly powerful for this aim are fish oil, evening primrose, and borage oil. You should take 1000 mg for a period of three times each day.  It is not essential to have all the three of them; just one is enough. All types of vitamin B and magnesium are helpful for boosting blood flow. Have 200 mgs of magnesium two times each day and 50 to 90 mgs of B complex in one occasion per day.

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