How to Improve Eyesight without Glasses

Eye tracking problems do have a lot to do with eyesight. Tracking means following incoming information and processing or working on it in your brain to get the correct meaning of the information. Inability to concentrate on letters and numbers and comply on the page can spoil your ability to learn and understand. Out of all learning, seventy percent of them come through the ability to track with our eyes. Eye tracking is divided into three main abilities: regression or fixation, saccades and pursuit. The comforting news is that eye-tracking problems can be improved by doing simple eye exercises. Below are eye exercises to improve your eyesight without glasses.

One of the main poor vision problems people may have is fixation, which is an inability to keep eyes settled on an object. This problem commonly goes along with minimal brain dysfunction, which results in difficulty with concentrating or concentrating on one thing at a time. The best and easiest way to test for this problem and also to get rid of it is to do this exercise: Hold two different looking pens (for instance; one green and one yellow), it should sixteen inches apart from your face. You should look at the green pen and after a second look at the yellow one. Keep changing or switching back and forth between pens, but change the number of times in between each switch.

Improving your eye’s saccade tracking ability, which is the ability of the eyes to jump from one object to another, can be handled with flashlight games or flashlight tag. In a room that is dark, either lie on the floor or sit on the bed with someone beside you. Let your mother, father and yourself hold a flashlight. You can take turns in which one of you shines the light on an object and the other shines their light on the same object as fast as possible. You can also follow the leader with the flashlights, which will help to improve the pursuit function of eye tracking. In this game, one person shines the light, tardily dragging it along the wall and ceiling, and the other pursues it with their light.

Another eyesight enhancing exercise that contains all the three eye-tracking skills involves hanging a small plastic ball from the ceiling. You need to hit the ball with a plastic bat repeatedly. As you improve on this game, switch to a small paper towel roll for a bat. You need to concentrate on the ball, track it as it moves and follow it with the bat on each subsequent hit. These are the easiest ways to enhance your vision.

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