How to Increase Sperm Volume Fast

It is not the male sexual organ but the sperm that is responsible for making babies. If this is insufficient or out of order, the egg in the female can not be fertilized. This means that the main essence of sex which is reproduction will not be achieved. The sexuality of a man is affected by the volume of sperm he has. This is the reason why increasing a man’s sperm volume can not be overlooked.

For anything to be effective, quantity and quality matter a lot. A man with high sperm quantity and low sperm quality can not fertilize an egg. This is why most sperms die off even before reaching their destination, which in this case is the female’s egg. Research shows that among the millions of sperm cells which are ejaculated from the penis, not all of them reach the egg. This is where volume is important because the more the sperm cells, the higher the probability of fertilization.

Low sperm volume or quality does not just occur on its own. It is caused by a few factors, some of which are: Overweight, smoking, excessive masturbation, illnesses, drug abuse, radiation, deficiency in zinc, use of steroids to aid sexual activity, genetic mutations or disorders, continuous or uncontrolled ejaculation in a short time range, heat in the pubic region, disorders with the prostate gland, alcohol, toxins, diseased semen or testis.

Like many other physical problems, increase in ejaculation volume can be achieved fast through a few natural ways.

1. Stay healthy
Eating unhealthy foods and doing unhealthy daily activities could cause the sperm count to be low. The food you eat should include those that would aid an increase in your sperm count. You will need to stop eating processed foods and start consuming those rich in zinc, for example, oysters. Zinc rich foods have been found to increase the production of testosterone. Other consumables like pork, poultry, bananas and avocados that contain a high amount of zinc should also be included in your daily diet.

Also, vitamins are responsible for producing quality sperm. The production and swimming action of sperm cells is enhanced by consuming lots of vitamin C and E. Being deficient in these vitamins may cause reduction in sperm count.

2. Exercise frequently
Exercising the PC muscles helps to increase ejaculation. Exercising this muscle will not only give you faster and better orgasms, but you will also have complete control over your penis erections and sperm ejaculations. Practicing yoga exercises are a very good way to strengthen this muscle. If you are the busy type, you could enroll for a training program. This way, you can find out what kind of exercises you need to do in order to develop this muscle. Achieving mass sperm production with these exercises will take some time.

3. Space out your time for sex
Continuous ejaculation over a short period of time could lead to low sperm volume. For men who have issues of low sperm quantity, it is advisable to wait for at least three to four days before having sex again. This is done in order to give the sperm cells time to reproduce themselves. This way, you will be sure of having a moderate sperm volume when next you want to have sex.

Achieving a good sperm count level is very important, especially if starting a family is on your list of priorities. Performing only one of the above three ways to increase your sperm quality and quantity would not give you that desired result. Eating right, exercising frequently and having an allocated time for sex all work hand-in-hand to give you that family that you want.

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