How to Increase the Length of your Penis

Are you in search of the best and safest way to increase the size of your penis? People from all over the world have tried and tried for the best ways, and have met with failure. That is, up until now. They have gone from pillar to post, trying to find the best methods of getting an increment in the length or girth of their penis size. If you are one of such people, then you really need to read this. Enhancing the male organ has been a long-time problem; it didn’t start with this generation. If you have the problem of a small sized penis, then you should read this. You will pick up useful tips to increase the length of your penis.

PC Muscle flexing: This is a very simple technique, and everyone can use it. This is a technique every man who has a small penis size should consider using. This is a very excellent and powerful penis enlargement method because aside from increasing the penis size, it also comes with the benefit of strengthening the erector muscles of the penis, making erections even harder and lasting even longer. This means that you get to kill two birds with one stone using this exercising technique: you get to both increase your penis length and boost your erection magnitude.

All you need to know to use this method is to master the act of controlling your muscles. To be sure you know where your PC muscles are, try to stop your urine while you are in the middle of taking a piss. This little technique will help in strengthening your penile muscles and also give you perfect control of your erections.

Jelqing: This is an exercise that involves concentrating the flow of blood in such a way that it forces your penis to grow longer. This is a very good thing, since a better control of your muscles directly translates into more flow of blood to the vital organs of the body. To use this exercise, you will work by applying pressure to your penis, concentrating blood flow, and forcing your pelvic muscles to contract and relax.

It works both ways, actually. There will be an increase of the flow of blood around your penis, forcing it to grow even larger. Apart from that your penis muscles would also get harder and you will be able to have and sustain a large erection.

OK-sign exercise for the penis

To use this technique, you might require some form of lubrication. Baby oil will do just fine if you have it. In using this method, you should shape your fingers into the OK sign, and use it to grip the head of your penis. While this is going on, ensure that you tightly grip the penis by forming an “O” with your thumb and the index finger. Using this method, you should stretch your penis for up to fifteen seconds of applied strain. When your time is done, rub the penis for awhile, and then start all over again. Continue this exercise everyday but take note that you should change the direction from time to time. You can stretch forward, backwards, sideways, always changing the direction of your pull. These penis stretching exercises are top-rate exercises which are guaranteed to add inches to the length of your penis. They have been medically tested and approved to be effective without resulting in any side effects. Using this technique, you can save a lot of money while being able to bring satisfaction to your partner the next time sex is on the menu.

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