How to Lose Weight Fast by Exercising

A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite to living longer. One way to maintain this is the shedding of excess weight and maintaining a good body physique. However, considering the rising tide of obesity globally, the importance of weight loss cannot be underscored. While there may seem to be a variety of techniques on how to lose weight- some even suggest a 48hr therapy- there are still intricate rules governing the process of losing weight fast by exercising.

The first is creating a calorie deficit. This means you burn more fat than you consume. Placing yourself on diets is helpful, but it is also advisable to think of a diet you can stay on for a longer term. Go for diets with flavor, variety and ease of food penetration.

Water is also essential in weight loss. Yes! Drink more water to loss weight. Contrary to preconceived notions that water helps in weight gain, the reverse is the case. Also, instead of taking 3 large meals a day, scientists advise eating 5 or 6 small meals or healthy snacks. A 1999 South African study found that when men ate parts of their morning meals at intervals over 5 hours, they consumed almost 30% fewer calories at lunch than when they ate single breakfast.

Physical exercises also are a necessary prerequisite for someone who wants to lose weight fast. A Duke University study found that while 30 minutes of walking is enough to prevent weight gain, walking for as much as 45 minutes results in weight loss. You could also buy a pedometer, clip it to your belt and aim for an extra 1000 steps a day. Maintaining a healthy diet by taking fresh fruits and vegetables is also helpful. Check on nutritional labels of consumables.

Finally all of the above would be a futile venture without the personal will and determination of the individual. Be mentally conscious. Watch your eating habits. This is important especially in periods of boredom, depression and happiness, as one is likely to consume more food during this period. Set personal goals for yourself. Specify your ideal weight and go for it. Planning is also essential. Watch what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.

All of these if strictly adhered to, would guarantee weight loss.

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