How to Maintain an Erection Longer

Obtaining a full erection is among the problems that many guys encounter. Erection is simply adequate flow of blood to the penile area. Better understanding of this straightforward statement is the answer to escaping from the problem called poor erection and maintain a longer lasting erection.

There are really ways that you can utilize to maintain a stronger erection. A few of them are below.

1. Smoking: if you are the type that smokes a lot, you will not like to know that too much of smoking is harmful to the good performance of your penile organ. Excessive smoking can choke your arteries which will result in poor distribution of blood to the cell of your penis. You need to attempt to stop smoking because it is the initial measure to take to maintain a stronger erection.

2. Alcohol: too much intake of alcohol can result to male impotence. You need to lower the amount of alcohol you take weekly or if it is possible, quit the intake of alcohol completely. You can limit your alcohol consumption to two bottles weekly.

3. Fend off stress: stress can influence your erection strength extremely. You should attempt to keep off from things that would deject you.

4. Consume diets that will help to improve your erection: try to ensure that your food contains zinc, chromium, vitamin A, B, C, E and L-arginine. These classes of foods are good at improving your erection state. Additional sources of foods that will help you to gain harder erection are sweet potatoes, tuna, milk, salmon, liver, grains, tomatoes, green veggies, unrefined foods, and carrots.

5. Use of natural remedies: boil some huge sizes of onions in a cooking pot that is clean. When the onions must have softened, extrude the juice from onions on a neat basin and put some fresh honey into the juice. Blend the mixture thoroughly. Transfer the blend into a neat container which has a good cover. Have a teaspoonful of the blend for three periods in a day for eight straight weeks. You will observe some improvements in your erection.

6. Jelqing: it is a natural penile workout that can improve your erection and make it hard when you carry it out everyday. Aside from enabling your erection to become hard, it is also able to make your penis larger. The exercise requires a period of 15 minutes each day to do.

7. Penis extender: it is a tool that will enable you to attain rock hard erections. It can also enable your penis organ to increase in use. It can be put on the penis for some couple of hours each day and it does not injure when strapped on your penile organ. There are medically approved ones that you can find on the market and it is harmless to use.

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