How to Make your Erection Last Longer

If you are in search of the ways to get a stronger erection or experience erections problems, you can achieve it using natural means and in a fast manner by the intake of herbs for a rock hard erection as talked about in this article.

Before we talk about the herbs for better erections, let us take a look at the hindrances men face in attaining a long lasting erection.

Among the main hindrances is blood flow to the sexual organs, you really need to receive enough blood flow to drive blood to the penile organ and then engorge it, so an erection can take place. An erection depends on steady blood flow and any person with erection problems is prone to have inadequate blood flow when you are sexually excited.

Other hindrances that avert gaining a hard erection consist of:

Depleted levels of the male steroid endocrine referred to as testosterone can lead to several health problems and it is vital for the sexual wellness of a man and his general health.

The mind also performs a task in erectile operation and if you are distressed, nervous or exhausted, the energy in your system will be depleted and you will not be in the proper state of mind to ponder about intercourse.

To treat the condition above, consume the herbs I will talk about below for strong erection.


It is a herb from china which boosts the movement of blood to the sexual organs and it also assists your system to release enough nitric oxide. The chemical substance is the answer to erection, as it gives way for the blood vessels that run into the penile organ to broaden enough to receive more blood in so an erection can generated. If your system does not generate adequate nitric oxide, you will not receive an erection.

Horny Goat Weed

This herb assists you in enhancing the levels of nitric oxide in your system as well as in incrementing free testosterone in the body. Lastly, it aids in combating tiredness and distress and gives your system extra energy.


It is a known reviving herb that functions for the purpose of incrementing sexual libido and erectile performance. It is a good blood flow herb and it aids to push blood to the genital organ; it assists in maintaining healthy sperm and also combats distress and boosts the level of energy in your body.

Maca root

The earliest report of the usage of maca goes back to the Inca fighters that happened several centuries ago. Nowadays the herb is still used across South America and globally to boost sexual libido and enhance erectile performance. Its effect is as a result of the sterols which work on the hypophysis, hypothalamus and suprarenal gland, generating endocrines, resulting to heightened sex drive and stronger erections.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract

The anabolic upshot of this herb boosts testosterone. The herb also has sufficient amounts of dopamine and l-dopa which suppress luteotropin; heightened levels of luteotropin are taken to be liable for up to 70% of inability to gain erection in men.

The anabolic effect of this herb increases testosterone. The herb also contains high levels of L-dopa and dopamine which inhibit prolactin; increased levels of prolactin are considered to be responsible for around 70% of all erection failure in males.

Shilajit – it is an extract from nature which is found in Himalaya rocks. It has high contents of iron and several other essential mineral. It is well known for treating weak erections and for enhancing sex drive.

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