How to Make your Penis Bigger with your Hands

At the period I decided to try out natural penis enlargement, I needed a system that will not just increase penile length but that one that would enhance my penile length too.

To be completely since, I am a bit content with my penile length, but my penile width is something that worries me a lot. I was bordered that it is not as broad as my lover would prefer and that worry impacted my self-confidence and eventually resulted to functional problems for men. This led me to search for ways on how to increase my penis length and girth.

Majority of the products you find on tv or the ones promoted online handle the ways to increase penile length mainly, but when you ask a lot of ladies what their major dislike about the size of their man’s penis size is, most of them will tell you that they okay with the length but would want an additional inches in width.

Based on facts gotten from medical professionals, the normal penile size has  4.85 inches in circumference and 1.54 inches in diameter. The normal penile length which most men carry is 4.65 to 5.90 inches.

If you are within the penile range, hats off for you. But if you are below these dimensions or if you need extra inches to be added to your penile size, then the use of male enhancement product can assist you to actualize your aim of seeing a way to enhance penis girth and length.

Why you need to increase your girth and width?

The fact is that nearly all the ladies prefer girth than length. But this does not imply that they do not like length.  In majority of scientific research of human sexuality, ladies alleged that the thing they need is width and not length from their opposite lovers. The most responsive regions of the female genital organ are near to the exterior, this implies that in majority of the situations you do not need to move so deep to satisfy your lady fully. This implies that broader is really more beneficial than lengthy at the time of lovemaking.

Nevertheless, a broad but not very elongated dick is not to be taken as esthetically delighting as a lengthy and strong penis which makes enhancement of length essential as well. From the viewpoint of men, possessing a bigger penis is worthy and guy’s opinion of the size of their penis can have a clear effect on their confidence, which in return can affect their task and sexual functions.

How to enhance penis girth and length

Maybe the most effective solution to increase penile girth and length is to ingest peculiar supplements made from herbs. Herbal supplements function by enhancing the flow of blood to the penis, making the tissue to get congested. As the flow of blood to the penile organ is the resultant of erections, conveying more blood to the penile organ is certain to make it bigger and broader.

We have a lot of herbal treatments for overall male enhancement. A few of the popular ones are ginseng, gingko biloba, damiana and yohimbe.

There exist a couple of devices and exercises which can be utilized to enhance penile girth and length by hand. Specially-made devices that append weights to the penis can be utilized to extend it to enhance length, whist specially-made exercise can also enhance the penile width by hand. The disadvantage of these techniques is the possibility of harming your penile tissue or blood vessels in the penis at the time you are performing these exercises or utilizing these stretchers.

Techniques that involve the use of surgery can as well enhance the penile length. There exist surgical methods that will enlarge penile length and width. A lot of these methods consist of the injection of silicone or some form of implants inside the penile structure to extend it, thus enlarging its size. The main advantage of this operation is that it is normally productive. The downside is the possible harm to the penile structure and the damage of the person’s capability to quickly generate an erection whenever he is in the mood.

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