How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Do you want to overcome premature ejaculation today? If you are dying to last long in bed today, you will find the 3 top secrets to overcome premature ejaculation naturally.

The Use of Creams: The use of creams to get rid of premature ejaculation can work instantly giving you the result that you desire. However, it is not the most perfect way to get rid of premature ejaculation but if you want an instant result today when in bed do employ this secret. It works like magic; giving you immediate positive effects. There are different types of creams accessible to help you achieve this. These creams are obtainable where condoms are being sold and in the same sector. These creams produce freezing effect to an erected penis and as such would reduce your sexual pleasure during penetration which in turn reduces the rate at which you reach climax.

This will please your sexual partner as she is able to enjoy you for a longer period. You will reach orgasm at almost the same rate as your partner. Many men reach orgasm quicker than their partners and this can be unsatisfying to their women. Many of such women would feel cheated when this happens though they may find it difficult to communicate their true feelings pertaining to this issue, sometimes. When it does happen constantly, it could lead to an emotional problem. Reaching orgasm at the same period for both partners can be very satisfying and rewarding. This is an example of the positive effects that rubbing cream on your erected penis can produce.

If these creams are applied according to directions, the result is indeed superb but then you wouldn’t be able to have sexual pleasure that you would have normally. The benefit is just that you would stay longer in bed.

The next secret is masturbation prior to sex.

This secret is very effective and would also give you your desired result. Usually, masturbation done one hour before the time scheduled for sex will help you to overcome premature ejaculation. The reason for this result is that masturbation will help you get rid of the first ejaculation which usually comes quicker than the later ones.  When you have sex properly, it would take you longer time to ejaculate. You will need more effort to climax than when you did not masturbate. You can practice this to check out the result for yourself.

The third secret is the stirring of the testicles throughout sex. This secret is not widely known but it is very efficient for helping you to last long in bed. A lot of men have discovered that by just lightly stirring their testicles during sex, it helps to redirect their attention bodily, psychologically and expressively. This usually results in delayed ejaculation which means that they are able to stay longer in bed. You can try this with masturbation for a start to check out the result for yourself before you can do it when having sex with your partner.

Finally, if you desire to last longer in bed today for at least 15 minutes than your normal duration at sex, do not hesitate to employ any of these 3 secrets. You can try each of the secrets at different times and make a conclusion of which one helps you best to stay longer in bed. Do go ahead and use this method any time you have a burning desire to stay long in bed. You can as well employ any of this method solely to please your sexual partner if she has suffered emotionally from your premature ejaculations. Your sexual life as well as your family life can be very much enhanced when you have learnt to delay your ejaculation and bring your partner to climax at the same time with you. This can be the height of sexual pleasure for both of you and a healthier sex life.

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