How to Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

It’s one thing to eat and it’s an entirely different thing to eat well. Poor eating habits have been found to be one of the major causes of wrinkles. Research shows that fat people have more wrinkles in old age than the slimmer ones. No offense but it’s a fact. This is because when old age sets in, much of the weight is lost and so lots of skin is left to hang loose. I don’t think this is something you would want. The key to keeping a skin without lines is to stay healthy and this means you have to do away with a lot of what you eat. Let’s look at a few ways to reduce forehead wrinkles.

1.    Eat fish
Fish, which is one of the greatest sources of protein helps to improve skin appearance. Salmon for example contains omega-3, a fatty acid essential to the skin. This essential nutrient keeps the skin healthy and line free thereby reducing wrinkles.

2.    More cocoa and less coffee
Some particular nutrients (called flavanols) in cocoa protect the skin from excess sun light and at the same time keep the skin moist. It prevents skin dryness, making it appear youthful and smoother.

3.    Get rich in anti-oxidants
Research shows that anti-oxidant compounds are found mostly in fruits and vegetables. They can either be eaten or applied to your skin. Being that we are exposed to pollutants everyday, using anti-oxidants would help fight the damage caused. Adding the juices from fruits and vegetables to your moisturizer would do you a lot of good.

4.    Eat soy
According to research results, the damage caused by the sun rays on the skin can be protected by some properties of soy. Soy, amongst other ingredients like fish protein, vitamins, tomato and white tea extracts have been shown to strengthen the structure of the skin.

5.    Get enough sleep
A workaholic is sure to have enough skin wrinkles at a pretty young age. Research shows that when your body doesn’t get enough rest, a hormone which breaks down cells is produced, and in excess too. On the other hand, sleeping adequately produces more of the hormone responsible for your growth. The more this hormone is produced, the better. Also, sleeping positions determine how and where you get wrinkles. The best sleeping position is on your back. Why? This is because sleeping on your side gives you wrinkles on your cheeks. Sleeping adequately gives your skin time to repair which in turn increases its firmness.

So, there you have it, five healthy ways to keep the lines and folds far away from your skin. Just remember, feed your skin well and it will serve you well.

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