How to Slow Down Premature Ejaculation

There are some experts who believe there is no such thing as a premature ejaculation till today. They believe that it is nothing more than a tool used by marketers to sell their products to people. According to their logic, there is no standard time that divides the timeline that separates well-performing men from poor-performing ones. According to this logic, if you finish a little lower than the normal time other people finish, it does not necessarily classify you as a loser.

However, all this being fair and good, if you are someone who ejaculates within thirty seconds of penetrating your partner, you would agree that this has a significant debilitating effect on the amount of pleasure you can bring to your partner. Ultimately, she might come to resent you and be put off sex altogether.

If you are in this boat, hunted by the problem of premature ejaculation, there are some things you can do to get better results next time you are about to climb into the sack.

Tips to help you slow down your premature ejaculation problem

Here is some tested and trusted advice to get you on the way towards getting rid of premature ejaculation:

Before sex, masturbate: at least an hour before you enter into the act of sex, you should masturbate. This is how the body works, prior to sex; there is a build-up of excitement. Masturbation helps to reduce the excitement, and your body will have to work hard this time to bring you to a peak of excitement for this second round – in this case, the actual sex. This will serve to delay the ejaculation. However, you would have observed a problem here – you cannot exactly have an anticipatory masturbations session for an unplanned sexual encounter. For instance, if you just met someone thirty minutes ago, and you people are about to have sex, the masturbation idea suddenly becomes useless. It only works when you know exactly when you are going to have sex with your partner.

Use the stop – and –start technique: this is a very powerful technique to help your partner feel the best excitement while you, on the other hand, delay your ejaculation. The technique is easy to understand, really. You just go about your normal sexual activity, thrusting in and out until you notice that you are about to ejaculate, then you stop. This might mean that you will totally have to remove your penis from her vagina entirely, or that you may simply have to stop thrusting and just leave it in, motionless, until that pre-ejaculation tension and stimulation has reduced, only after then can you pick up and continue. As a rough estimate, the feeling of ejaculation usually takes about thirty minutes to recede for most men. Thus, you might just want to wait thirty seconds before you pick up again.

In using this technique, though, you need to have established communication with your partner. On your part, you need to be very committed to lasting longer with them during sex, and you must be willing to bring them the best sexual satisfaction under the circumstances. You should also be able to communicate with your partner the time you think you are about to cum. So, for the both of you to enjoy sex, you should tell her to slow down, or totally stop. There should not be any shame in telling her this, since you are working to bring you the both of you the best excitement and pleasure in sex. If anything, it should be a noble gesture.

You can use this technique repeatedly, using lubricants or otherwise. The use of delay premature ejaculation pills can also help to fix the problem of early ejaculation. You can try it out today to experience the results obtainable from its use.

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