How to Solve Erectile Dysfunction using Herbal Remedies

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is so popular a male sexual health problem it hardly needs to be defined. However, for those who do not know, it is simply the inability of men to maintain an erection firm enough for enjoyable sexual intercourse.

There are a variety of treatment options available for solving erectile dysfunction problems, and this article focuses on some natural herbal remedies which can be used to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. They include:

L-Arginine. This is an amino acid employed by the body in manufacturing substances that aid muscle relaxation, leading to an increase in the flow of blood through the vessels around the body. This increase, when connected with the penis, ensures a harder, longer-lasting erection.

Since L-arginine is basically a protein compound, it can be obtained from meat, fish and other sources of protein. If, however, these food sources are out of reach, artificially manufactured L-arginine is available as an oral supplement.

While L-arginine has been proven to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction for many men, it is not to be taken by people with ulcers because when used consistently, it has the tendency to stimulate the body into producing more acids in the stomach, which of course, worsens the situation for ulcer patients.

It is not also recommended for people with liver disorders, as well as for people suffering from indigestion. It is a good way to solve your erectile dysfunction problem using herbal remedies.

Ginko. Ginko is a naturally occurring herb most effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men who experience this problem due to prolonged use of antidepressants. It functions in a similar manner as L-arginine, relaxing the muscles around the penis to increase blood flow to the region.

Propionyl-L-Carnitine. This treatment option, when combined with the popular drug Viagra, is almost certainly sure to get rid of erectile dysfunction problems for good. Not only is the problem taken away, studies also indicate that after its use, orgasm becomes heightened and sex generally become more enjoyable.

Ashwagandha. This is also a naturally occurring herb like ginko. It is believed to increase stamina and energy to perform sex for longer periods of time. It is not however clear, from a scientific point of view, whether or not ashwagandha is a viable option for the permanent elimination of erectile dysfunction.

If it is to be taken at all, it should be noted that it may cause drowsiness in some individuals, and so should not be taken before or during driving, or while working with heavy machinery.

Testosterone replacement therapy – testosterone is a type of hormone generated by the testis. The role of this hormone is the efficient running of the male sexual functions. Testosterone is also essential in sustaining proper stages of red blood cells, muscle bulk, bone development, a feeling of well-being and sexual function.

Poor generation of testosterone is not a usual cause of male impotence. Nevertheless, if ED happens to take place as a result of low testosterone generation, the replacement of your testosterone using therapy can assist in fixing this condition.

Yohimbe: It is a type of herb which has been in use for several years. It is gotten from the bark of a tree in West Africa. In a controlled study carried out using this herb, it was determined to have positive effects on male impotence. The use of this herb on male impotence is generally safe but you should note that it has a couple of side effects. You can get a supplement of yohimbe from your local store.

The accepted dose of yohimbe which you should take per day is one capsule of 6 mg. It should be taken for 3 times in each day.

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