How to Stop Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is one of the commonest sexual health problem faced by men the world over, regardless of age, ethnicity or social status. This article addresses some of the frequently asked questions about erectile dysfunction to give you a more perfect understanding of what erectile dysfunction is and how it can be cured.

Frequently asked questions about erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a sexually excited man to obtain a full erection for intercourse, or to obtain no erection at all.

Erectile dysfunction can happen almost at any point in a man’s life, although it is more common with older men than younger men.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are a variety of reasons why erectile dysfunction may manifest in men. For some men, especially younger men, the problem is basically psychological. Performance anxiety, depression and stress may lead to erectile dysfunction. Once these factors are eliminated, perhaps with the aid of a trained counselor or psychologist, so is the problem.

For other men, the problem is physiological in nature. Heart-related illnesses, obesity, diabetes, prolonged use of prescription drugs, and a host of other assorted medical conditions can ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction.

What treatment options are available to stop erectile dysfunction naturally?

A popular treatment option for the elimination of erectile dysfunction is the drug Viagra, which improves the rate at which blood flows to the penis, leading to firmer, longer-lasting erections. It must be noted, however, that this is not a permanent solution. Once the use of the drug is discontinued, the problem of erectile dysfunction resurfaces.

A more permanent solution, especially when medical conditions like diabetes and obesity are concerned, is to develop healthy eating as well as lifestyle habits.

Are there any other treatment options available to stop male impotence naturally?

As a matter of fact, there are. These include:

Testosterone supplements. If your erectile dysfunction is due to hormonal imbalance, then this option is one that should be considered. The supplements help in balancing the level of testosterone in the body to that required for a full-grown erection to occur. These supplements should be taken orally before sexual intercourse.

Vacuum pumps. These are made to help you get an erection. A compression ring is put in place to help you maintain the erection while sex lasts. This method should not be used on a permanent basis as it may disfigure or even damage the penis in the long-term.

Penile prosthetic device: it is a type of solution which is available for men who are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. This system is made to blow-up or to be tractile. The most common kind of prosthetic device has a pair of tractile rods which is imbedded in the erection chambers of your penile organ through surgery. With the aid of this kind of implant the penis is usually semi-stiff and only has to be raised or corrected into the erect spot to start sexual intercourse. Nowadays, a lot of person selects blow-up prosthesis, hydraulic, which gives a guy the chance to generate an erection at anytime he wants and it is much simpler to hide. It also appears natural.

A penile implant is required at the time there is an apparent medical reason for erectile dysfunction and when the condition is not likely to get better naturally or with medical solutions. At times a penile prosthesis is embedded during operation to rebuild the penile organ when scarring has led erections to bend. It is better to attempt this type of erectile dysfunction treatment when all natural options on the table have been exhausted without getting any positive results.

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