How to Straighten a Curved Penis

Peyronie’s disease is a problem in which plaque form in the penile organ. The formation of these plaques together with scare fibers causes the penis to curve at the time of erection. Peyronie’s disease can be treated in various ways. That way your curved penis will be straightened.

Signs of peyronie’s disease

The signs to show that you have peyronie’s disease may consist of uncomfortableness at the time of sex or ache at the time of penile erection. This will make the penis to look curved in a downward direction.

How it is diagnosed

A physical checkup should be performed by a doctor and ultrasonography should be carried out on the bordering tissues. It is one of the best ways utilized to determine peyronie’s disease.

Oral treatment

There are medicines like potaba which are administered orally to straighten a curved penis. It is administered by a medical physician. It will aid in softening the plaque caused as a result of peyronie’s disease.


Verapamil is a type of penile injectant used in lessening a curved penis caused as a result of peyronie’s disease. You will need numerous doses of verapamil penile injections so you can receive the needed result.

Penile operation

Peyronie’s disease can be fixed using surgery by the process of tissue grafting, utilizing hard or blow-up cylinder embedding.

Size genetics

Size genetics is a type of penis extender which can be used to straighten a bent penile organ. It is among the cheapest and easiest means of straightening a curved penis. It is also discreet in nature, meaning that no one will learn that you are trying to straighten your bent penis. It can be carried out in the comfort of your home.

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