How to Win your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

Breaking up with a guy you love can be quite painful. It leaves a girl in disarray, and in almost a literal sense, she feels like her whole world has taken a plunge into darkness.

However, if you wish to win your ex boyfriend back fast, you need to work on a tight plan to get him back! If you do not have a well thought-out, rational plan, you will be forced to follow your gut instinct which is, needless to say, catastrophic.

Yes, of course. Generally you are advised to ‘follow your heart’ in most conditions. However, I know one situation where following your heart is not a good idea – this one!

Here are the first three rules you must adhere to if you wish to win your ex boyfriend back:

These are three rules that would help you worm your way back into that guy’s heart. And, while you may be thinking that your case is so different the rules can certainly not work for you, let me tell you this dear: they will.

Rule Number one: strength everyday!

Of course, you are heartbroken and it is only fair that he knows the pain you are experiencing at the moment. However, if you come across to him as a needy and miserable little lady, chances are that he would be put off even further.

Sometimes, you might feel like just going over to tell him how lonely you feel sometimes, how you miss him and how you long for him. But ask yourself this: why would you want to tell him all that? So he can pity you? Aww, c’mon!

One thing you should know about guys: they do not fall in love out of pity. There are women, though, who have capitulated on this pity party thing to try to get their ex boyfriends back. If you are one of them, hold the phone and think! If you want him back fast, you need more strength and confidence.

Rule number Two: reduce contact with him

This is very important. You need to discipline the urge to flummox the poor guy with excessive contact. If you do not exercise restraint, you would only be pushing him further away from you.

Of course, your instinct says otherwise. How else, it says, are you supposed to get back together if there isn’t contact? Note this: once a guy has broken up with you, every call you make to him after that is likely to be judged by him as harassment.

Also, the fact that you are making it so obvious that you miss him gives him the strength to carry on not missing you!

Rule Number three: Get busy

Okay, this doesn’t look like much, but it works – engaging in some profitable activity or hobby that gets you occupied gives you less time to dwell on the fact that you miss your boyfriend. If anything, it strengthens you and helps you go along with the above two rules.

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