Increase Penis Size – Penis Stretching Exercises

Enlarging your penile size is a shortcut means to enhance your self-pride. Some guys might feel a sense of insufficiency with the size of their penis, even though it is bigger than the average penile size. Viewing bigger penis size of porn stars on tv and beautiful ladies in admiration of the porn stars can cause a man to feel insufficient.

Penis enlargement methods like pumps, magic pills and extenders are promoted as quick-fix for desperate guys. Thousands of dollars have been exhausted on systems of all types that claim to increase the penis girth, length and stamina. They do not deliver much result. Some pills have unsafe ingredients, pumps can induce harm to the penis, and extenders can take time to deliver results.

Nevertheless, you can find exercises which can be used to increase the penis size. They are namely penis stretching and jelqing. Let us begin with penis stretching.

Penis Stretching

1. Tune-up the region using a face cloth submerged in very warm water. Enfold your penile organ and balls in the face cloth and leave it to draw the heat for a period of 30 seconds.

2. Grip your penis at the back of the head; it should be firm enough so it won’t slide away from your hand. Draw it to the right, extending the penis in a firm manner. You should not draw it too firm so it will not induce pain. Keep holding it for a period of 10 seconds.

3. Draw the penis up in the same manner, and in the direction of the stomach nerve. Once again, do not pull it too hard to avoid pain, but try to draw it to an adequate extent to feel the extension.

4. Draw your penile organ to the left, extending to the direction of the pelvis.

5. Extend outbound; it should be extended to point away from your body.

6. Redo the stretching to the left, right, forward and upwards for up to 10 times. Perform this exercise when you wake up from sleep and before you go to bed. Raise the number of times you do it by five per day. The outcome will differ in gain and rate of gains.

Jelqing to Make Penis Bigger

1. Jelqing is a system that is alleged to come from Mideast. To start jelqing, utilize the warm face cloth as stated earlier. Tune-up the region and then rub a nice lubricant on it.

2. Hold your penile organ using your index finger and thumb in an “ok” sign. Pat your penis from its base to the head. Keep on doing it till you attain a partly erect state.

3. As soon as you are near to erection state, thrust the penis firmly as you pat toward the head. Drive all of the blood that moved into the region as far as it will pass without inducing much pain to your penis. Utilize your hands to hold your penis using the OK sign, retaining the blood without movement.

4. Keep on sending more blood down to the congested region of your penis. Shift your hand backwards a bit with each set.

5. Finally you will get a much bigger erection than normal. The additional blood in the penis slips the fibers of your muscles and widens the veins. As the muscle fibers recover, it will posses more room within, leading to a larger erection size and penis.


1. Make sure you utilize a warm face cloth prior to working out your penis. It will make that region to be more flexible and less vulnerable to harm, similar to tune-ups which is done for other exercises. Make sure you utilize a nice lubricant to jelq. Perform the exercises each day, many times per day for the best possible result. You should not be demoralized because the exercises function with time.

2. If you feel pain while doing the exercises, do not neglect it. With each acute pain, halt the exercises and take some break. If it does not stop for awhile, consult a doctor. Do not practice jelqing without using a lube. It can lead to awful excoriation.

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