Instant Virgin Review

Instant virgin is a vagina rejuvenation spray which you can apply to your vagina to tighten it up. It is a sanative spray which can be put on your vagina five minutes before you participate in sex. Once you apply it on your vagina, it will constrict the outer walls of your pussy and help to tighten it. In addition to tightening your vagina, the vaginal rejuvenation spray will also assist in enhancing your vagina sensitiveness and heighten your chances of getting mind-blowing orgasms.

A way to getting lasting vagina tightening is to make use of instant virgin everyday. As you use it everyday, it will completely rejuvenate your vagina with time and help you to enjoy sex further. A time will come when you will not have to use instant virgin again. Do you know that 99% of men from around the world prefer vagina that is tight? There are up to four conditions which lead to loose vagina, they are age, regularity of intercourse, number of sexual lovers and general health status.

The method of using instant virgin is not hard at all. All you have to do is to apply two pumps of this spray deep inside your pussy before five minutes of getting into sexual intercourse to tighten your pussy and the pleasure you will get from sex. You need to make use of it everyday to intensify your results and kick away vaginal aging.

Instant virgin is generally safe to use. It does not have any harmful effects. This product is created from an ancient recipe from China. It is a herb. For more than a hundred years now, this herb has been in use without causing any harmful effect to its users.

Instant virgin is a great alternative to vagina rejuvenation surgery. The surgical name of this procedure is referred to as vaginopasty. The ingredients for making instant virgin are namely glycerine, aloe, lecithin, brown diethylene glyceal and vinegar.

Another alternative to the use of instant virgin is intivar. Intivar is a vaginal rejuvenation gel.  It differs from instant virgin due to intivar is in cream form while the other product is in liquid form. Both of them still perform the same function of tightening your vaginal muscles. Another difference can be seen in the price of these two vagina tightening products. Intivar costs $52.50 per bottle while instant virgin costs around $49.95. From the look of things instant virgin is cheaper than the other one.

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