Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home

Hemorrhoids (Piles) can be very painful and certainly embarrassing. It can affect an individual’s whole life as he/she will not be able to perform normal daily activities effectively. Hemorrhoids can be treated and prevented from reoccurring.

Internal hemorrhoids can be treated through surgery carried out by a medical doctor. The surgery can be done once the ailment has been correctly diagnosed. However, surgery is not the only option for getting rid of hemorrhoids as they can easily be treated at home. Surgeries should actually be recommended for very severe cases of hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids can be gotten rid of within a few days by making use of common substances that can be found in the home. Examples of these treatments are:

• The use of garlic. Garlic can be used to get rid of hemorrhoids in different ways. The garlic can be blended into a paste form and rubbed on the hemorrhoids. Consuming garlic as part of meals can also help to cure hemorrhoids from within.

• Witch hazel that has been chilled in a refrigerator can be put on cotton wool and rubbed gently on the hemorrhoids. This will help to cure and remove them. Witch hazel should be applied about three times daily.

• Changing what is consumed as food is also helpful in getting rid of hemorrhoids. Eating lots of junk and processed food can cause hemorrhoids. Such foods should be removed from the diet and instead replaced with lots of fruits and vegetables because they have high fiber content which is very helpful for healthy bowel movement.

• To get rid of internal hemorrhoids, the affected person should begin to exercise more. Exercise keeps the body healthy and allows blood to be adequately circulated round the body. This makes the digestive system to function properly and ensures that there is healthy and easy bowel movement. Aerobic exercises like swimming, walking and running will help to speed up hemorrhoids treatment. However, exercises like weight lifting and activities that require a person to move around or carry very heavy objects should be avoided because they can cause unhealthy strain to the body and result in hemorrhoids. Where hemorrhoid is already present, such activities and exercises will worsen the condition and cause bleeding. Such strenuous exercises should be avoided as much as possible.

The above tips can be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming back. However, where the case is a very severe one then surgery may be necessary.

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