Jes Extender Review

Why manage your sex life when it can be much better. It will be interesting for you to know that although many men don’t complain about the amount of sexual desire they get when in the act, most of them want more pleasure. Many of them may have issues like, the sex isn’t long enough, or the juice doesn’t come out at the right time, but not all men like to talk about stuff like that. I guess it’s just ego. Anyway, if you take a survey to actually find out how many men are satisfied with their penis size, majority would be no. The size of the penis is one of the major determinants of whether you give your partner what she wants during sex or not. Now that you know that what every woman wants during sex is that intense desire, your next question should be, ‘how can I give it to her?’ The good news is that the answer is pretty simple.

During puberty, what most guys look out for is that huge increase in penis size aside from the deepening voice and muscular features. But do you know that not all guys get that ‘huge’ increase. For many years, the issue of safe penis enlargement was a point of concern. Due to the high demand for a solution, lots of products sprung up. This is one of the reasons for all the unsafe products out there in the market today. The good news is there are still products that are 100% trustworthy. In 1995, a device called Jes extender was produced, based on the principle of stretching.

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Jes extender is a medically proven device which is worn around the penis and the good thing is that you get your desired size, because it is completely adjustable. It consists of a padded base which is placed around the base of the penis. The ring is then placed around the tip of the penis and is connected to the padded base with rods which apply the traction that stretches the penis. As I said, you determine how long you want it. The amount of traction force can be regulated by you the user and this ensures that you get the increase you want.

Now this is not a get long quick scheme. Like every other good thing in life, this also requires patience and persistence. It’ll take some time for the device to give you the desired results. Don’t expect to gain an extra five inches if you only use the Jes Extender for an hour per day for the first two months. To see the results you want and fast, the Jes Extender should be worn for a minimum of six hours each day for at least six months. Yes, this looks like an awful long time but the Jes extender is really comfortable. Sometimes, you might even forget it’s on. You can also wear it under your clothes to work or on any other outing. Just remember to take it off before going to the beach because you don’t want to reveal an awkward shape under those wet swimming trunks.

What else can the Jes extender do for you?

Well, apart from penis elongation, during the period of waiting for results, you should see an improvement in your erections. This is due to the fact that during the elongation process, new tissue is created, and this accommodates a higher volume of blood which rushes into the penis during erections. The Jes Extender is also a priceless tool in treating a curved and shortened penis, a disease known as the Peyronie’s disease.

Why go for a surgery or swallow pills when you can do something as simple, comfortable and easy as this. Why not get your Jes extender today and see just how effective it can be.

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