Learn to Reduce Wrinkles around Mouth

One important fact which we can’t ignore is that aging is inevitable. No one wants to get all old and wrinkled, well at least not too fast. So what do we do? We go to the nearest store and buy packs of facial lotions and moisturizers so that our faces can have that fresh look of a new born baby. Then you start reacting to those creams with facial rashes, eczema or acne growing all over your face. This takes you all the way back to where you started, only this time it’s much worse. So what do you do? The answer is simple, do it the right way. Read on and you’ll get to know exactly what to do to get those wrinkles off your face. Even better, you’ll get to find out how to prevent them from showing up at all.

Let’s look at a few simple ways to reduce those wrinkles around your mouth.

1. Don’t stay in the sun for too long
I would have said that you should avoid the sun, but that’s quite impossible. The sunlight is the primary cause of those wrinkles you see on your face. Have you ever wondered why most facial wrinkles are found around the eyes? This is because whenever the sun is out, you have to squint to see clearly thereby straining the muscles around those eyes. When you do this continuously, these muscles become weak and therefore lose form. The answer to this problem is to wear sunglasses regularly. This will reduce the amount of rays entering your eyes which will in turn reduce your squints.

2. Avoid moving your facial muscles too frequently
By saying this, I don’t mean keep a straight face all the time. Only make movements when necessary and avoid too much frowning or squinting. Even raising your eyebrows causes wrinkles because the muscles on your skin fold up. You may not be able to stop them completely, but just reduce their occurrence.

3. Stay away from smoking
If you smoke, scrap it. Don’t reduce it but stop it for all eternity. Research shows that the smoke from a cigarette releases some enzymes which destroy some skin constituents, thus aging the skin in the process. This means that the more you smoke, the more wrinkled you get.

4. Stay happy
You would agree with me that it’s better to smile than to frown. Although, you also use muscles when smiling, you use more whenever you frown. Having an optimistic and happy approach to life everyday would go a long way in dealing with wrinkles on your face.

The solutions are endless but these four simple, everyday solutions would have a beautiful lasting effect on your face if practiced properly. Remember, practice makes perfect. So go out there and get that perfect face you deserve.

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